Star Ocean: The Last Hope - New screenshots

Square Enix published some new Star Ocean: The Last Hope screenshots. Check them out.

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Supercalifragili3638d ago

I think this will be one of the best RPGs for the next year.

silverchode3638d ago

i think it will end up like the last remnant.

Danja3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

we get more info on this game than we do about FF13 , which has been in development way much

looking forward to this game hope it's better than SO3...

and looking forward to hearing that the PS3 will indeed be getting a version later down the road..XD

JasonXE3638d ago

nothing can be worst than that so signs point up for SO.

ZackFair3638d ago

SO3 sold relatively well, but it was poorly received by critics.

cherrypie3638d ago

I think that it's clear that the Xbox 360 has the best line-up of JRPG games **by-far** this generation.

Start Ocean 4 is just another in a long line of excellent JRPG games.

IcarusOne3638d ago

I'm generally not a fan of JRPG's, but this game looks very charming.

silverchode3638d ago

to bad the best line up of rpgs suck ass

Why o why3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

looks serious. I do hope it does come out for the ps3. I can see myself getting lost in a world like that. It really appeals to my sci fi anime side. I hope its good because despite my qualms over SE's practices of late they need a hit in terms of both quality and sales. I for one would NOT like to see them die off

@JasonXE, ;)

3sq3638d ago

Dunno about that, considering Star Ocean first departure got pretty average score.

bakasora3638d ago

I loved SO3, if the SO4 on X360 doesn't have technical issues (like frame rate slowdown) then its gonna rock.

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BBBB3638d ago

its going to be a good game and I think Star Ocean The Last Hope and White Knight Chronicles will get very similar reviews

Menech3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

Unlikely the last hope will be hugely more popular for being a well known IP alone. regardless of game quality which although am still buying it White knight is abit buggy at the moment. Not to mention the battle system in Star Ocean and White Knight being worlds apart. White Knights battle style will be like standing still compared to Star Oceans.

Disagree all you like unless you have played Star Ocean 3 for the PS2 you have no comprehension of what am talking about and your being an out and out Sony Nancy. Don't get me wrong am going to enjoy White Knight chronicles but Star Ocean 4 will make it look like a snail.

DragonWarrior465343638d ago

I played all the Star Oceans,, and I thought they sucked. Im not being a fanboy, considering they were all on the playstation am I right? This game looks alright graphically. The combat Ive seen so far looks a little too glamorous if you ask me. The action rpg genre really needs to focus more on the rpg part, because I would rather play a true action game then a half assed action game with rpg elements.

Also, You say that WKC was buggy. Do you have the game or something? Because Ive seen hours of gameplay footage the day it was released and I seen no slow down. Not one time did I see any bugs, slowdown, framerate issues. Just a little bit of Clipping, and it wasn't bad at all. Ive seen worse clipping in Gears of War 2 and COD, and WKC is thousands of times bigger then both those games.

Shadow Man3638d ago

Star Ocean 4 Xbox 360s Last Hope In Japan.

iNFAMOUZ13638d ago

last hope? you act as if 360's dead over there.
its not.
most likely will pick up when microsoft gets there act together over there

cherrypie3638d ago

Xbox 360 JRPGs have sold better and been reviewed better worldwide.

Xbox 360 == the home of the JRPG this generation.

You == sad delusional toolbox.

BleuStreeks3638d ago

I dont know Sqaure has floped on its last couple of games....what makes this any different?

Menech3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

O shush you dirty little Sony homo Square-Enix's Final Fantasy 13 versus and Sega's Valkryia Chronicles is the only reason I bought a PS3. Although I have to say I love diseaga 3.

Infinite undiscovery also which is a sort of little bother to Star Ocean 4 but with no content and a broken battle system. And the most terrible game name but Square just released it as a quick money boost it wasn't supposed to be good. And although the Sony Defence Force so often loves to forget this The Last remnant is multi platform.

It was just released to early sadly but if you take the time to play it its an enjoyable game.

N4PS3G3638d ago

what couple of games?

The Last Remnant is the only RPG made by them

ZackFair3638d ago

Blame Tri-ace if this fails, like their Infinite Undiscovery garbage.

Veneno3638d ago

Was the game that made me hate Square Enix. The music was pretty good though.

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