ExiledGamers Topple: Topple - Review

Topple is the game that might just convince you that Apple might just have a viable gaming platform on their hands. So how have developers ngmoco gone and achieved that? Well they have taken one of the simplest concepts that you can imagine and polished every single aspect to within an inch of it's life.

The aim of Topple is to stack and balance a group of shapes as they fall into the screen. If you manage to keep them balanced long enough you will get your stack to the required height and advance to the next level. It sounds simple and it is, but it is also highly addictive and it has bags of charm. The shapes are not just random polygons, rather they have been anthropomorphised to give them personalities. They all have eyes and facial expressions that wince when thrown around the screen and make funny faces when put into position. There is a very nice art style on display and everything is very colourful and well animated. There may not be much going on on the screen but what is there looks very pretty indeed.

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