Will Xbox360 acquire Square-Enix? It's possible also G4's Kevin Pereira smashed on the hiphopgamershow 12/28/08 Happy 1year Annive

* Star Ocean vs Final Fantasy versus 13 which console will produce the better RPG
* Tomb Raider 360 not in HD but looks better than PS3?
* Game Review - Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe
* Freestyle Diss Against Kevin Pereira Check It Out
* Happy 1year Anniversary For The HipHopGamerShow
* Much Much More

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TOO PAWNED3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

What is this guy smoking?
Why he always comes up with titles that have little to do with real life, in realistic sense?

Lifendz3611d ago

thinks of a headline that would garner hits and runs with it. I do enjoy the show and I don't let this stuff get me in all up in arms like some of you guys do. In fact, I think I watch the show almost every week.

Hiphop, in year 2 I hope you get more than a black blanket in the background during your shows.

cayal3611d ago

Star Ocean is still exclusive (at least hasn't been announced), how could a console produce a best RPG based on that?

El_Colombiano3611d ago

This guy is the biggest joke I have ever seen in my life. I read the headline and I though "Whoa that would shake things up in the console war". Then saw it was coming from this fool. Threw every ounce of possiblility out the door. And this:

"Tomb Raider 360 not in HD but looks better than PS3?"

Is this clown serious??? He is trying to hard for hits it is disgusting. Here is to Hip-Hop Gamer failing so hard he is forced to do us all a favor and quite spamming the internet!

Monchichi0253611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

Hiphop Gamer put a title up with nothing negative about the 360??? WOW!!! This is a first! Could he possibly be turning a leaf to become a nonbias gamer????? Let's wait and see.

And Congrats on one year my dude!

@ El Colombiano - Parce, you shouldn't be calling people out as being a joke when you got a history of ridiculous comments yourself. And another thing, I feel ya on being proud of being Colombian, (me too) but why you gotta be one of those ignant people always showing off the flag everywhere??? Bet you're one of them fools who drive around with the flag hanging from your rearview mirror!! (HATE THAT!) Please relax with that, you're making the rest of us seem like fools too!

3611d ago
gaffyh3611d ago

Lol MS cannot afford to buy Square Enix, even Sony only owns 8.6%. and they'd have to buy them out, as well as several other major stakeholders

Danja3611d ago

the only thing M$ will probably acquire from SE is more timed exclusives that will probably suck.....except SO4

Alvadr3611d ago

Why would MS acquire SE, what have they done for them so far apart from release 2nd rate RPGs which have flopped something rotten.

El_Colombiano3611d ago


Haha no don't worry I am NOT one of those fools that has the flag on their bumper or anywhere else on their car. So no I am not an ignorant person.

So you say I post rediculous comments here on N4G, well that's the fun of the internet. I can post complete and utter trash and laugh about it. Although I don't, as most* of my comments have mean to them. You aren't such an unbiased poster either my friend. ;) Either way I don't have a site (nevermind a damned video every week) where I post complete and utter garbage like this guy Hip-Hop gamer. And to those stereotyping b*stards who see a Colombian posting trash (ala Tato), screw them. :)

rockleex3611d ago

This and most of his headlines are just ridiculous.

But I do like watching his shows because he's a really cool guy and doesn't BASH on any of the consoles.

Monchichi0253611d ago

I can respect that. LOL

Just find it funny that you're calling out Hiphop gamer as he's a Sonyfan boy himself.

El_Colombiano3611d ago

Haha I might be biased towards Sony, but that doesn't mean I am in a cult like those fools who cheer nasim and his ilk. I'm not a fanboy, I know when Microsoft is doing good for themselves and I wont be the one to try spinning it.

I think your talking to the wrong Colombian. Try Tato. Although I think you two are friends. ;)

cherrypie3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

sensational titles == traffic == ad impressions == $$$.

This is how to win at N4G.


"Why would MS acquire SE, what have they done for them so far apart from release 2nd rate RPGs which have flopped something rotten. "

You mean the games that get better reviews and sell better than the PS3 exclusive JRPGs? Those ones?

Like White Knight Chronicles got 29/40 -- the lowest score from Famitsu for a JRPG YET this generation? Like that one?

Or, perhaps the Valkyria Chronicles that has sold 280k copies world-wide? Which is outsold by Infinite Undiscovery which sold 480k?

What **exactly** are you calling a flop here?

wanderofys3611d ago


I can't speak for White Knight Chronicles, but I own both Infinite Undiscovery and Valkyria Chronicles, so I can speak for them.

I noticed you had to compare the two by sales and not scores. There is a reason for that.

Infinite Undiscovery was an awful game. Straight up terrible. It had no redeeming qualities whatsoever. It didn't look that great, the characters were stupid, the battle system and leveling wasn't fun at all. It sucked.

Valkyria Chronicles is a masterpiece. It's visually stunning, the characters are amusing, and the gameplay is a total blast.

I'm not going to sit here and say the PS3 is the best system for RPGs, because there's simply aren't many on it. However, out of the 6 RPGs I own for 360, Fable 2 was the only one I found to be a great game. The jrpgs for 360 are a joke, and the fact that SE released a few jrpgs for 360 this year and yet still couldn't make one better than Atlus' PLAYSTATION 2 GAME Persona 4 is just pathetic on SE's part.

I'll buy SO4, if only because the series itself is fantastic (and originally created by Enix, the better half of SE). I won't get my hopes up, though.

NickIni3611d ago

By QUALITY you ignorant eight year old.

Why is this site full of stupid kids who think they know everything?

gaffyh3611d ago

@1.15 - It's cos he is a full retard lol. (Tropic Thunder reference)

Saint Sony3611d ago

He never actually manages to tell anything what titles promises... FAIL.

RemmM3611d ago

are a bunch of idiots with VERY low IQ. All they know is NFL Madden, Grand Theft Auto, NBA Live, rap, and how to be ignorant. Just by saying ''Will X Box 360 aquire Square Enix'' Don't you mean Microsoft? lol noobiez. Stay out of video games and stick to robbing people.

Parappa The Rappa3611d ago

MS couldn't buy Square Enix?
Just b/c Sony is too poor to buy them(or doesn't want to)---doesnt mean MS couldn't. They have more than enough money to buy them out.

lokin3610d ago

dude is the headline again from your "inside sources"? i told you this that your little sister is NOT a freakin insde source. even me, a dude that leans towards the 360, would be screaming if it was true, knows this is attention seeking at its best. but come on dog use your brain. come up wirh better sh!t. wanka!!!!

gaffyh3610d ago

@Parappa - Welcome to the world of business. MS cannot afford to buy Square out, they would use all of their money in doing so. If you really think that MS can afford to buy a company as large as Square, you know nothing.

Parappa The Rappa3610d ago

the world of business as you "see it" pretty deluded. I would love to see where you get your logic from.
You obviously know nothing of World Markets, or how money works. When was the last time you bought yourself something? Im sure it was hard to do without an adult to show you how many "monies" you needed. let me know when you graduate from your high school Economics class.

HWG3610d ago

Go in a hole, and never - ever come back out. Any 'disses' as you call them you get are well deserved and it just means people are waking up from this bullshit we call 'gangsta lifestyle.'

Go buy another video game with welfare you Liberal, uneducated, person that you are.

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Max Power3611d ago

why would SE sell to MS when they make so many games for the ds, wii, as well as some for the psp.

BleuStreeks3610d ago

and correct me if I am wrong but I do believe that Sony owns 8% of square.

Xheratuul3611d ago

...have a happy new year...

edhe3611d ago

ms *could* buy anyone, but i think all those antitrust settlements been done in the windows part of the company might just stop them.

PotNoodle3611d ago

"ms *could* buy anyone"

No they couldn't. I wish everyone would stop thinking microsoft are the richest company in the world, because they're not.

Sitdown3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

I think for now.......Yahoo has a difference in opinion.

Edit: @darkequitus
Which just further drives home the point....Microsoft at this time can not even buy a Yahoo that is in shambles.

darkequitus3611d ago

Yes And look at Yahoo now. the CEO leaves and their share value falls through the floor.

THere would be nothing anti trust in buying square-enix

navyguy213611d ago

yes, you are correct, MS is not the richest company in the world, but they are near the top of the Fortune 500 richest companies in the world (#44 as of today) and they are worth 259.75 billion.

edhe3611d ago

Yeah, because yahoo didn't want to be bought.

Just because they can doesn't mean they will, they're not going to piss into the wind of inflated share prices just to get another company for the hell of it.

It has to make sense.

Bet they wished they had bought nintendo now though.

aaquib093611d ago

Microsoft can easily buy Yahoo, they just don't want the entire corporation. The only thing they need is the search engine, and Microsoft is poised to take over soon...

They could've easily paid off 51% of the shareholders and take over, but they decided not to.

Money + Motive = Hostile Takeover

Sitdown3611d ago

I'm why did the deal not go down again?

Sami Frey3611d ago

The Fortune 500 only ranks companies in the US, Microsoft is not the 44th richest company in the world.

Parappa The Rappa3611d ago

youre looking at the numbers wrong navy guy.
you need to play around with the website of a little bit.
the answers are kinda scattered about, but with the exception of the ENERGY(oil, gas, electric)companies--MS is one of the richest companies out there. Also factor in that the company has been split up over 6 times. MS's core company is whats being shown in those numbers---but the other companies will post profits, they just dont get added into the pot, they are held separate to make sure MS doesn't have control of the market thru financial bullying(ergo, a "monopoly").

MS is a strong company, and is one of the best to work for as well.
Nobody cared about Yahoo!---Hell, Yahoo should have jumped at the chance to be under MS's financial umbrella. Especially with Google's never-ending rise to success. And look at them now. Pitiful.
Honestly, when was the last time ANY on you used Yahoo to search something?

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DiabloRising3611d ago

Tomb Raider 360 not in HD and without real time dynamic shadowing, but looks better than PS3?

1) Who cares anyways, the game was crap?

2) No.

Kain813611d ago

i would say that the ps3 version looks better than the 360, but in motion there is no Difference between them

Sarick3611d ago

The 360 was more vibrant but lacked shadow effects. Looked like almost everything was the same color. On the second images lok at the door below lara's rear the shadowing on the cabnet door transitions. On the 360 it's streight up one texture.

Also notice there is more jagged edges on the 360 then the 360. I'm sorry Hipphop but based on what I saw there I'd have to say both versions wheren't perfect.

-1 PS3 could use some more color brightness.
-1 360 could be improved with anti-aliasing.
-1 360 could improve color dept and shadows.

-2 360, -1 PS3..

Now how does the animation and frames per second work out. Donno from these images. You could show an image that is insanely detailed at 1080p but have a frame rate of less then 2fps. So still images quality and clarity aren't accurate enough to prove anything.