The Good, The Bad, and The Shipping December 28 - January 4

It looks like every game company blew their load for the holiday season; this is one of the most pitiful weeks for new releases in all of 2008.

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cain1413637d ago

No 360 or Ps3 release? Wow...

dannyhinote_133637d ago

Well, I thought last week couldn't be topped. It was.

BrianC62343637d ago

Have you bought every game you want? If not and you want a new game you could always buy one of the games already out. It makes no sense to release a game this week. Either release it a few weeks before Christmas or after the new year. There are plenty of good games on sale too.

No FanS Land3637d ago

Well what did you expect? We are past the holidays.

cain1413637d ago

A good thing I'm already broke or I would be sad there is nothing to buy.

ThePimpOfSound3637d ago

At long last, Professor Heinz Wolff's Gravity!

CoolTrainer3637d ago

Whoa we can play with Gravity!!!!!

It would make sense to release a big name game that week after Christmas for everyone has all these gift cards to use and gamestop is taking advantge of it by offering a sweet deal on used games.

Video game companies should have listened.