Uwe Boll Fansite Discovered, Confirmed To Be Worst Fansite Ever reader Corey Helfrich tipped off the site about his discovery of an Uwe Boll fansite. It has been translated (thanks to Google) and is available for your viewing pleasure here.

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hombrehambre3636d ago

I have two words:

lol wut

Stoneroses63003636d ago

Haha agreed. I guess he would have to have fans SOMEWHERE though...

shadowghost7523636d ago

yeah his mum is a fan of his work, i don't know about any another fans though. Except maybe those in his head

tinydancer3636d ago

His english is a lot like his movies: barely cohesive.

tinydancer3636d ago

Haha he really should quit life. He sucks at it.

OGharryjoysticks3636d ago

Was his Alone in the Dark movie better than the last game on 360? :)

jadenkorri3635d ago

you just insulted the

stpiio3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

Has anyone looked at his life motto?

" What you do not want the one you are doing which add no other"

Your life must suck so much uwe, because not even google translator can translate your life motto properly.

Damn no forum on the site!

RebornSpy3635d ago

Who wants the one they are doing if it adds no other?. Man, I wish I had heard about this site earlier. The guy's a genious!


Is this guy really serious? What needs to happen is a boxing match between him and Soulja Boy. Then my life will be complete.

El_Colombiano3635d ago

Somebody explain is failures please? Haha I know he sucks but explain?

Information Minister3635d ago

Have you ever watched one of his movies? Just try it... Any one of them! Then you'll understand.

Beware though: once you've done it, you can never "unwatche" it.

El_Colombiano3635d ago

Haha is it that bad that I would want to "unwatch" it? That made me laugh btw. Bubbles.

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