Killzone 2 Best Buy Pre-Order Bonus Announced

In a mailing to PlayStation Network users, Sony and Best Buy have announced the pre-order bonus gamers will receive if they pre-order Killzone 2 from Best Buy: A free theme.

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dannyhinote_133491d ago

Kinda lame, but better than nothing, I suppose.

spunnups3491d ago

and see what Gamestop and the rest of these guys do as far as bonus content. I am definitely pre ordering it somewhere.

3491d ago
OGharryjoysticks3490d ago

Funny you said that because that was the word I thought of when I read the story box and then your comment was like an echo at the first post.

So my advice to you is to get a side job reading minds.

NathanGra3491d ago

Was thinking the exact, same thing.

rogimusprime3490d ago

is what i was thinking. Its not like you cant get a theme online and port it to a memory stick or whatever.

OOG3491d ago

meh thinking the same thing as well

UltimateIdiot9113491d ago

As much as I dislike Gamestop, I'll see what they have to offer. I have a feeling there is going to be all kind of different exclusives like LBP.

-GametimeUK-3491d ago

lol a fwee theme is a fwee theme at the end of the day... cant complain about something thats fwee right?

3491d ago
Amnesiac3491d ago

No, people are disagreeing with you because you look incredibly moronic saying "fwee".

-GametimeUK-3491d ago

now you said "fwee"... you're a moron too

Amnesiac3491d ago

blah blah blah blah blah blah

LeonSKennedy4Life3491d ago

They're disagreeing because you CAN complain. It's free, but Amazon has Home outfits from Killzone, which are much cooler. Best buy should at least match that.

Also, the voice chat was taken out to help them get other things figured out. It will be back soon. Don't pretend you're ignorant. Home is still in beta form. Don't complain about the Beta.

The PSN is on par, if not better than, Live at this point.

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The story is too old to be commented.