How Sony Can Boost PS3 Sales

Gigaom writes:

"As this holiday's video game sales are tallied up, one thing is already clear: Sony's PlayStation 3 remains in a fairly distant third place, still eclipsed by Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Wii. While it's probably too drastic for Sony to walk away from the PS3, I definitely think they need some bold and creative changes to make their console competitive, namely to acquiesce to market realities while leveraging two underutilized assets. Here's how:"

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Spike473637d ago

But I guess Sony is doomed anyway so no need for this at all right?

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SWORDF1SH3637d ago

articles like this must STOP. All consoles will do fine this gen. Sony will do their thing. they dont need to be told how to run their buisness. why do people feel the need to preach. sony will have more idea than anybody of how their buisness needs to be run. not by some random website. n4g is being choked by bad and lame articles. i dont want to log on to see 4 or 5 new pages of news a day to find that 75% of it is junk. n4g people sort it out.

xwabbit3637d ago

I still dk y people say PS3 is doomed or doing bad. In the same time xbox had sold 13 mill units, PS3 sold 17 mill (23 months). So y do people do retarded articles?

El_Colombiano3637d ago

Fanboys and the media neglect to see that fact xwabbit Silly really. By this time next year the PS3 will be ahead of the 360 in sales. Not that it matters to me, all I know is that I have the console that can provide me with the best exclusives from now and beyond 2009.

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Alvadr3637d ago

'Release a discounted, broadband-centric model of the PS3 WITHOUT a Blu-ray'

Great, so your nice and cheap PS3 will not play any games currently out... and you will have invested your pennies in a door stop..

Good advice gigaom.

Danja3637d ago

when the 360 was at the end of it's 2nd year it sold 13 million

The PS3 is currently around 18 million.......

so the PS3 is doing quite.

seems like these wannabe journalist invested in Sony or something.

dragunrising3637d ago

Considering all PS3 games require blu-ray, what is this person smoking?

Personally, I think Sony would do well to bundle Little Big Planet with every PS3 sold. They have a winner in LBP and should exploit it. Everyone who has a PS3 should play it.

I thought the idea of a revamped PS2 was a good idea...however in 2-3 years a next gen console will come out and PS3 will be mass market priced, and much less money. I don't think Sony could have anticipated how successful the Wii would become. If they knew, then, they could have augmented the PS2 and produced a contender to the Wii. Alas, this won't happen because the ball was dropped.

I don't think the PS3 will have a problem selling in the future. It sells at its own pace it seems. Price drop and 09 games should have everyone getting excited.

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Oh pls enough with this articles.All sony need to do its cut the price.Its not rocket science... :/

360 man3637d ago

this is probably 1 of the only times im actually gonna agree with you wanna get high

El_Colombiano3637d ago

@ 360 Man,

Wait what? Shouldn't you be all "LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOOOOLLLL OOLOL 360 FTWZORZ!!!"?

Lord Vader3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

Cutting the price is pretty obvious...

Releasing software like KZ2 & God of War in 2009 are musts...

Honestly, I thing Sony & the BDA need to address the cost of BluRay movies & cut their prices closer to dvd... a 4% marketshare in the US is not good... i actually think that would help PS3 sales as well as help bluray.

ape0073637d ago

killzone 2 will make ps3 sell tons

and also it will be the next step in true next gen HD gaming

mark my words,killzone 2 will be HUGE

and with a price cut,can't imagine how sales going to be

360 man3637d ago

i take it u havnt played crysis yet

tatotiburon3637d ago

i'm sorry, K2 looks amazing, but if LBP and R2 couldn't push the PS3 i don't see K2 making things better. LBP was a new ip, Resistance 2 a hyped sequel and K1 was a flop.

El_Colombiano3637d ago

Killzone 2 is targeted towards the main demographic tato. The FPS genre. Killzone 2 WILL sell better than LBP, sadly. Thats just this day and age we live in.

And 360 Man, I spoke to early haha. I have played Crysis, and I take it you have too. It does look amazingly real, although to play it at its best (what the devs designed it for), you need a hell of a PC (is it even possible yet to play it at max settings, 1200p, and with max AA and AF at even a weak 30FPS?) I digress.

No Killzone 2 does not look as photo realistic as Crysis, I won't be a blind fanboy on that one, but it sure as hell crushes any other game visually on the 360, which I know you both support. Also, when did sales matter so much to the customer? Unless you two have stocks in Microsoft, I don't see why it would matter to you. Lets be real here, neither Microsoft or Sony are going anywhere. Both consoles will live throughout this 10th console generation.

Now if you disagree, please provide a reply. I'm a bit bored on this plane ride. :)

GIJeff3637d ago

ive played crysis maxed out >60fps and ive played KZ2 beta, and I can tell you that crysis looks great, but the detail, animations, lighting, and feel are all better in KZ2. Crysis beats it on scale of level, but honestly, the character models are bland, and the lighting isn't the greatest thing around. Its mainly the scale that's cool. especially when your in the jungle.

S M N3637d ago

"i take it u havnt played crysis yet "

it's a PC game

you can't compare a pc with a console in term of grafix

it's just ignorant

jaysquared3637d ago

"Killzone 2 is targeted towards the main demographic tato. The FPS genre. Killzone 2 WILL sell better than LBP, sadly. Thats just this day and age we live in. "

Wasn't resistance 2 targeted towward the masses? KZ2 will not sell to the masses unless Sony advertises the sh*t out of it. Even still with the economy the way it is its going to be hard without a price drop for anybody to afford a PS3 right now!

El_Colombiano3636d ago

Jay I don't expect it to sell to the masses. Unless Sony advertises the hell out of it, which I doubt they will, it wont sell the trillions the small amount of people expect it to. I just said it will sell more than Little Big Planet.

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Cajun Chicken3637d ago

B/C PS2 Emulation back in!

More kid friendly titles. Ratchet, Sly and Jak sold a ton, why? Maybe, y'know, kids were playing them aswell as mature audiences? ...Unlike 18 rated FPS shooters?
Dammit, where is my Jak PS3?

Thats It!!!

hfaze3637d ago

Amen to PS2 HARDWARE BC coming back...

I'm hoping when the PS3 slim comes out that Sony offers a cheaper model (preferably $299.99) without PS2 BC, and a higher-end slim model with full hardware PS2 BC (like the 20GB and US/Jap 60GB models did).

Once you have seen a game like God of War 2 running upscaled to 1080p on a PS3, you'll be hooked on PS2 games again.. ;-)

And as far as the article talking about a model WITHOUT Blu-Ray... That would make as much sense as either MS or Nintendo releasing a version of their console without a DVD drive... And this got approved???

pp3637d ago

Next-Gen my ass They can start by reducing the ps3 to £120.00 because that's what it's worth.F*ckin sh*t Console.

3637d ago
celldomceen13637d ago

theres pp this guy is johnny on the spot with his stupidity.

IzKyD13313637d ago

awww, you took my joke sher00win99 lol, no worries, I'll have plenty more opportunities to make fun of pp's mother