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No Folklore sequel coming

Game Republic founder regrets to inform that there will be no sequels to Folklore. (Folklore, PS3)

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ThatCanadianGuy  +   2436d ago
ConanOBrien   2436d ago | Spam
vickers500  +   2436d ago
Thanks for posting your comment twice, ConanOBrien. I might not have seen it the first time.
Bnet343  +   2436d ago
I loved the use of the motion controls in this game. Oh well.
Danja  +   2436d ago
yeh I agree some of the best uses of the motion control can be found in this game.,..

I was really hoping they would have made a sequel though...really enjoyed the 1st one
Doppy  +   2436d ago
It's a shame this game is actually one of the best RPG's on the system. It could have done so much more, but hopefully they'll take the idea and make their own pokemon out of it.
Le-mo  +   2436d ago
What a shame. My copy of Folklore from Gamefly just arrived yesterday. I can't wait to play it.
meepmoopmeep  +   2436d ago
it's an under-rated game.

i hope they continue with more DLC though.
i still need to go back and finish it.

got stuck on one part and just gave up.
lordgodalming  +   2436d ago
It was one of two games I bought with my system last year (the other was R&C: ToD). While Folklore did get a touch repetitive by the end, I loved the story and the art style. The clouds moving over the ground in the game's main town is still one of the best atmospheric touches I've ever noticed in a game. A sequel really could have shored up the first game's few noticeable problems. Rest in peace Folklore 2, we hardly knew ye.
baum  +   2436d ago
With such dysmal sales it was obvious
RPG Guy  +   2436d ago
Pretty Much
Ya hit the nail on the head with that one.
Proxy  +   2436d ago
I can't disagree, but....
Even if a game has poor sales, you just rehash the levels, character, and story and release a sequel; and this doesn't mean it's a bad sequel either.

The expensive part of game development is creating the engine, and there isn't always a need to change the engine for a sequel.
baum  +   2436d ago
Well, you could do that, but considering the initial game sold poorly
A rehash wouldn't do so well. I rather have Game Republic focus their efforts on something a little bit more revolutionary and that sells too.
Homicide  +   2436d ago
gauntletpython  +   2436d ago
That sucks... I hope the same fate doesn't fall to Valkyria either. Both are great games, but very niche games.
No FanS Land  +   2436d ago
Was Folklore's ending designed to accept a sequel?
Reibooi  +   2436d ago
While Folksoul's ending didn't really make for a sequel that doesn't mean there could not be one.

It could be like another time another place adventure type thing.

Honestly Folksoul is one of my favorite PS3 games out there and it really disappoints me that they aren't gonna be making a sequel.
Peow  +   2436d ago
This was a great game, I guess it was poor sales that ruined it.

RPG Guy  +   2436d ago
It was fun
but mediocre. The controls were so-so, especially targetting for certain parts of the game. Things got repetitive quick and the comic-screen story telling was unique, though distracting. A fair outing for Game Republic, but they should go in another direction.
LarVanian  +   2436d ago
(Tear drops)

Oh well life goes on. Lets hope they have a good new IP coming up! (One that Sony will actually advertise. Folklore did not get one commercial)
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mastiffchild  +   2436d ago
I only got Folklore last month. I hadn't ever even seen a review for it but got it as it was only £7 and looked different. It was a cool game though and I can't help feeling that if it had been pushed more and got more attention loads of people would've enjoyed it as it's deeper than most actioners and also really accessible. Not bad looking either-shame it wasn't promoted, at least it wasn't in the UK.
TIKUP  +   2436d ago
FantasyStar  +   2436d ago
I had a genuine interest in Folklore after the demo, but I just can't find the heart to drop $60 on this game, when I can find games that offer much more value for the dollar: unfortunately they also happen to be FPSs as well.Shameful I know.

If Folklore was $30: I'd grab it immediately.
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Menchi  +   2436d ago
I'm almost certain you could find this for $20 brand new. It's not exactly new, and it probably doesn't sell at all well...

Just have a look round, you're bound to find it for cheap
nycredude  +   2436d ago
@fantasystar and Redwingsrock
Folklore is only $26.99 used at gamestop in the U.S. It's really hard to get that game new because the sales were so bad they stop stocking it new. That is how much I paid for it.
FantasyStar  +   2436d ago
hey, thanks alot! +bubbles.
redwingsrock  +   2436d ago
i want to get folklore but i don't wanna pay $59.99 for a game that's been out for like 2 years now, lower the price Sony, and it still sells for for $54.99 used at EB games
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-GametimeUK-  +   2436d ago
Never played full game but tried the demo... its one of those games that will have its own little hardcore following... artistically this could have the best ps3 visuals to date although Valkyria also boasts some great artistic visuals too :-)
devilhunterx  +   2436d ago
Rob0g0rilla  +   2436d ago
Folklore is one of the most underrated games I have played
this is terrible news..
SilPho  +   2436d ago
This was the first game I bought for my system, to this day I firmly believe that Sixaxis is great when used correctly, even if very few other titles support that theory.
Alvadr  +   2436d ago
one Ryan Clements of IGN will be crying himself to sleep tonight.
AriesFury  +   2436d ago
Wasn't really expecting one.
Covenant  +   2436d ago
That's disappointing, as the original game, while not a bestseller, was a pretty solid fantasy title.
Figboy  +   2436d ago
thanks gaming media for killing yet another promising franchise.
Heavenly Sword and Folklore were MURDERED last year by the gaming media who had a bone to pick with Sony and the Playstation 3, and this is the result.

i thought Folklore was one of the most original and unique games i played last year, and featured some excellent art and music design, and fun, addicting gameplay (i became obsessed with catching all of the Folk Souls, and sunk quite a few hours into the game, at the LEAST, 20 or so).

it's probably the most underrated game this generation so far.

this is the kind of thing that really infuriates me as a gamer. the gaming media nitpicked Folklore to death, downplayed it's quality, and as a result, many a gamer didn't give it a try, and now those few fans that the series had garnered aren't going to get more.

i tried to spread the word about the title to everybody i could, lending out my copy as much as possible, and pretty much everybody that i let borrow it bought it for themselves (the same thing happened with my copy of Heavenly Sword that i lent out).
kewlkat007  +   2436d ago
"thanks gaming media for killing yet another promising franchise."
Why do we always blame the media. People are old enough to make thier own opinions about the games they choose to buy.(I thought the PS3 crowd was more mature) They are not babies.

PS3 fans even early one were not buying fn games. Stop blaming it on the media every fn time as if gamers can't make thier own assumptions and come to their own opinions about what game, genre they like.

That's the problem with gamers today. They take reviews like it's the gospel, then you go blame it on the media, as if they are the say all end all to your purchasing decision.

Some spend way too much time tolling on N4G to go out, buy a game and see if they like it instead of finding comfort in reviewers every damn time. Reviewers are gamers just like everyone here on N4G.

Figboy not saying you do but STOP WHINING and BLAMING the MEDIA + CONSPIRACIES. There is always a great reason why Sony is not selling something. Some of you Sony only fans are just as bad.
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Figboy  +   2436d ago
actually, looking at sites like N4G, 1up, ign, gamespot,
and how many of their readers rely on reviews to make their buying decisions, i think there is quite a strong case that proves my reasoning that YES, the gaming media influences gamers buying habits, and YES, when a game is slapped with 6/10 reviews (like Heavenly Sword and Folklore were), due to nitpicks from reviewers, that it will affect sales just as much as poor advertising/marketing can.

Folklore and Heavenly Sword's failure to generate buzz is partly Sony's marketing fault. i don't think Sony adequately promoted the games.

but i think the lions share of the blame is on reviewers who constantly compared the worth of those games against "justifying" the cost of a Playstation 3 during their release. instead of rating the game for what it was, they games had to validate why you spent $600 on a Playstation 3 in the first place.

that was simply NOT FAIR to the games themselves.

there is no conspiracy, but there is also no denying that MANY Playstation 3 games were graded on an insanely deep curve last year, and even when the experiences were enjoyable and fun (many a review praised the combat, voice acting, visuals of Heavenly Sword, but turned around and b*tched about game length, and a few poorly designed puzzles, as if that broke the gaming experience).

whining it may be, but that doesn't change the fact that me, and other gamers like me, won't be getting to enjoy further games in the Folklore series, OR the Heavenly Sword series in the future, and this is DIRECTLY tied to the heavy criticisms the media bombarded the games with last year, when other games, in the same genre, with similar flaws were given free passes.

also, to generalize and say that Playstation 3 gamers weren't buying games is simply that, a generalization, and an untrue one at that.

considering that people STILL to this day, claim that the PS3 "has no games," "is expensive," and "has sh*tty online" is a testament to how the media has shaped public perception so much that people can't even discern the truth for themselves anymore.

many a Playstation 3 gamer were convinced of the truth of the three statements above (with the "too expensive" one being the most truthful) to the point where, even when a game like Warhawk, Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword, and Folklore looked appealing to them, those 6/10, 7/10 scores they were constantly seeing, coupled with the damn near DAILY reporting of the PS3's doom from big sites like ign and 1up and Gamespot, they were discouraged.

i bought over 20 PS3 games last year, exclusive and multiplat. i bought a handful of Blu Ray movies as well.

this year, i bought even more PS3 games, as well as Blu Rays.

i'm an old enough gamer to make up my own mind on what i like and don't like, and what i want to spend my money on, as i'm sure you are too. but the thing is, not everybody in the world is like us.

just look at the people that the current generation idolize and adore, buying their albums and seeing their movies in droves because, well, the media has told them that that was the in thing to do.

right now, people think the Wii is the best gaming platform in the world, and are still running out and snatching it up in droves.

interestingly enough, sales of HDTVs are also soaring, because of a similar "you have to have this gadget" tactic, but oddly enough, the Wii and HDTVs don't really go together to well.

it's an undeniable truth that the media shapes public perception. if it works in the news, in advertising, in TV and movies, why, suddenly, would the gaming industry be immune to it's effects?

not all gamers are sheep. this is true. but many gamers ARE influenced by what they see and read. and a lot of them take the reviews out there to heart, instead of playing the games for themselves.

if gamers had actually given games like Heavenly Sword and Folklore a chance, we'd have two very strong franchises to look forward to seeing grow and expand in the future. they aren't the only two games that have taken a beating in terms of reviews and public perception. look at Too Human. it's far from trash, and had a promising future as a franchise. the foundation in that series was solid, and i imagined that the sequel would improve upon the flaws of the original.

i'd be very, VERY surprised if Silicon Knights brought out a sequel.

i'm not a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist, but i simply call it like i see it, and never before in a generation of gaming have i seen the media's influence on consumers be abused and manipulated the way it has been this generation.

also, the reason why Sony isn't selling as much as it should are logical ones:

the recession is the biggest.
their advertising STILL needs more work
the Playstation 3 is still $200 more than it's competition. until it hits a $300 price point (which will happen sometime next year, i guarantee it), it will continue to struggle.

only fanboys act as if things are 100% rosy in Sony land, but again, only fanboys act as if Sony isn't aware of these things, and are working to improve them, while keeping their business as stable as possible. to think that Sony is going to keep the PS3 at $400 indefinitely is foolish.

the only thing you can probably bank on is the obscuring of their advertising campaigns. it's been that way for 13+ years, and i don't think it's going to change anytime soon.

the PS3 is still selling rather well worldwide, and has been keeping pace with the cheaper Xbox 360 for the past 2 years. that's not a failure by any means.

there comes a point when the excuses must stop, but outside of outright fanboy spin, things aren't as doom and gloom as they are constantly being made out to be.

just because Folklore and Heavenly Sword are PS3 exclusives doesn't change the fact that they were absolutely raped by a gaming media that just 18 months ago, DID HAVE an agenda against the PS3. things have changed this year significantly, starting with the Blu Ray win over HDDVD, but the damage to those two promising franchises has already been done.
DJ  +   2436d ago
No, it's true.
Media can make or break a game franchise, and Folklore got some really nasty reviews, despite the fact that it's actually a really good game. I do remember Heavenly Sword getting murdered with 6's and 7's as well. Both ended up doing poorly.
medziarz  +   2436d ago
but anyway, i don't thing making sequels out of everything is a good idea. what they could've done is create another game that provides a similar overall experience. folklore was a "quirky" game and therefore didn't sell to uber hardcore snobs that bought the PS3 at 599. the sadest thing is that, although it was a sony exclusive in a period where the PS3 and it's gamers needed them most, sony's enthusiasts were most likely afraid that if people saw them playing the game, their sexual orientation would be questioned. later on the game was forgotten and taken from the shelves. an explicit sequel would be another business fail - a quirky sequel to a quirky japanese game almost no one's heard about, and without any LBP-level innovations to cover up the lack of guns and gore - would FAIL. but making a new game but providing similar exp. and MARKETING it by SCE would be a win.
too bad they ended up making some worthless license game that had to be canned...
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leon147  +   2436d ago
too bad .. i really liked that game :(
jonboi24  +   2436d ago
Hopefully Folklore will get a spiritual successor like ICO did with SOTC. Folklore was an under-rated and is a game that I soon hope to add into my library of games.
kewlkat007  +   2436d ago
My first PS3 game...well that sucks..
I never forget the first game I get for a console and I liked this one..there were some qirks tho but the game had great presentation, just as Lost Odyssey with the dreams...

This game was good and I loved the Music. I bet you no one bought it but yet come on here and are experts on sales and economics.
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Fulensenca  +   2436d ago
Oh nooo
I mean ... i knew ... it sold so few copies, but ... but .. but ...
I loved it. Folklore is one of the most underrated games ever!!!
I was hoping in a sequel, and i knew how many copies it sold ( that' s a shame!! Where are the gamers interested in something different??! ) ... but i was hoping in a sequel anyway.

We ( gamers ) need games like Folklore, we need games like this a lot.
That' s a sad news, we all have to play again shoters ... no place for art or something else than shot everything, or run and shoot everything.

This is a sad day for every gamer. Also if you don' t think so.
Go and shot to something.
OSIRUSSS  +   2436d ago
I really liked this game. The DLC was pretty good too. I hoped for a Trophy patch but I guess we won't get that either.
ElementX  +   2436d ago
I thought the game was simply "alright". I wasn't impressed. It was sort of fun playing as two characters, however it quickly became tiresome.
Andronicus  +   2436d ago
too bad
game was awesome, if you own a ps3 and haven't played folklore you need to try and track down a copy
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