No Folklore sequel coming

Game Republic founder regrets to inform that there will be no sequels to Folklore.

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ConanOBrien2946d ago Show
vickers5002946d ago

Thanks for posting your comment twice, ConanOBrien. I might not have seen it the first time.

Bnet3432946d ago

I loved the use of the motion controls in this game. Oh well.

Danja2946d ago

yeh I agree some of the best uses of the motion control can be found in this game.,..

I was really hoping they would have made a sequel though...really enjoyed the 1st one

Doppy2945d ago

It's a shame this game is actually one of the best RPG's on the system. It could have done so much more, but hopefully they'll take the idea and make their own pokemon out of it.

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Le-mo2946d ago

What a shame. My copy of Folklore from Gamefly just arrived yesterday. I can't wait to play it.

meepmoopmeep2946d ago

it's an under-rated game.

i hope they continue with more DLC though.
i still need to go back and finish it.

got stuck on one part and just gave up.

lordgodalming2946d ago

It was one of two games I bought with my system last year (the other was R&C: ToD). While Folklore did get a touch repetitive by the end, I loved the story and the art style. The clouds moving over the ground in the game's main town is still one of the best atmospheric touches I've ever noticed in a game. A sequel really could have shored up the first game's few noticeable problems. Rest in peace Folklore 2, we hardly knew ye.

baum2946d ago

With such dysmal sales it was obvious

RPG Guy2946d ago

Ya hit the nail on the head with that one.

Proxy2946d ago

Even if a game has poor sales, you just rehash the levels, character, and story and release a sequel; and this doesn't mean it's a bad sequel either.

The expensive part of game development is creating the engine, and there isn't always a need to change the engine for a sequel.

baum2945d ago

A rehash wouldn't do so well. I rather have Game Republic focus their efforts on something a little bit more revolutionary and that sells too.

gauntletpython2946d ago

That sucks... I hope the same fate doesn't fall to Valkyria either. Both are great games, but very niche games.

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