Week recap: PS3 increase; Xbox 360 up; Wii sales leap

Punch Jump Week Recap. Stories include:

Sales for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 this week increased in the latest Japan retail charts. The hardware ranked No. 4 in overall sales.

Retailer price cut the PS3 Wireless Keypad following the removal of voice chat in public areas in the Home online service.

Toys R Us Inc. this week began offering a free Xbox Live 12-Month Gold Card with the purchase of an Xbox 360 Pro Holiday Bundle.

Sales for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 edged up this week in the latest Japan retail data. The hardware ranked No. 5 overall.

Sales for Nintendo Co.'s Wii leaped this week in the latest Japan charts. The hardware ranked No. 3 in overall sales.

Nintendo this week released a new wave of WiiWare and Virtual Console titles to Wii. Titles include Tiki Towers and Phantasy Star IV.

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Maddens Raiders3641d ago

that the best looking games and apps are found only on the PS3.

Voiceofreason3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Yeah everyone knows PS3 is the best.... That is why it ranked 4th?

-GametimeUK-3641d ago

Super Mario Galaxy >>> Anything on PS3

OSIRUSSS3641d ago

By that logic the DS must pwn all systems?

Death3641d ago

Alot of people look for the most fun or entertaining apps. Pretty is nice, but not the only thing to look at it. The Wii doesn't sell because it's cheap. It sells because it is very accessible to all people. The games are simple and intuitive and you can just pick one up and start playing to have instant fun. That is the draw to the Wii. The PS3 does have some gorgeous games, but they still cater to the more "hardcore" gamers. It's a complex console that lacks the old school arcadey feel of the Wii.

Here's a perfect example, my kids friend brought over Boom Blox. We popped it in and were having a blast with it within minutes. Simple, entertaining and fun. The day I bought MGS for the PS3 I needed to do a system update and then install the game. I actually fell asleep during the install and didn't play the game until a couple days later. Granted a cup of coffee would have prevented this, but that's not the point. The majority of the "pretty" games are also more complex and involved. This isn't a bad thing, but it's the fundamental difference between the Wii and PS3. This is why the PS3 is still considered hardcore while the Wii has mass appeal.


CryofSilence3641d ago

The three preceding PS3 are Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, and Sony PSP.

y0haN3641d ago

lol Gametime you always make me smile.

I seriously wish Sony would get a grip in terms of online services. The ability to join from anywhere and chat in a group anywhere keeps your gaming unified and builds relationships. Playing online on PS3 feels empty half the time.

Danja3641d ago

as he always does...XD

Gorgon3641d ago

"By that logic the DS must pwn all systems?"

It does.

AWBrawler3641d ago

The DS is kickin everyone's but sales wise and gamewise. What has more sales, or more high rated games than DS right now?.............I'm waiting....... what? PS2, sales wise maybe, but thats all, plus it was a casual system like Wii (supposedly). Still waiting.......... ok..... I'm going to get a sandwhich I'll be back.......................... ......

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Kratos Spartan3641d ago

very tempting...still waiting for the opportune moment to purchase a 360. The game library is just too big to ignore.

Kill Crow3641d ago

over christmas. Must be exciting times.