Cinemablend: Five Most Disappointing Games Of 2008

While commemorating the best of 2008, it's impossible not to note the low points of the year as well. When it comes to game trailers and conventions, the gaming world seems aglow with hundreds of possible smash hits. It's not hard to dazzle a crowd with a video game trailer. Some flashy visuals, a cool voiceover, two seconds of actual gameplay footage and you're set. Add in some past well-known franchise or get one or two critics proclaiming it as the future game of the year and you'll have nerds around the block on your release date creaming their jeans just to get your game. But you also have to remember to deliver on the game itself. It's true that 2008 had an array of solid titles but we were promised so much more! Here are five games that not only sucked, but we were told would be awesome by critics and companies alike.

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Nathan Drake3636d ago

4.Ninja Gaiden 2
3.Banjo Kazooie:Nuts&Bolts
2.Infinite Undiscovery
1.Too Human

Given more dev time,Haze,Too Human,and Ninja Gaiden 2 wouldn't be on my list.

Maedhros3636d ago

Par for the course for a "Top X Ys" list. A few controversial choices to fuel views, a few safe choices to not be laughed off the Internet. This stuff is better left to GamesRadar, who are actually pretty good at it now.

EvilCackle3636d ago

"A few controversial choices to fuel views, a few safe choices to not be laughed off the Internet"

That describes every list. There's stuff you agree with, stuff you don't. I don't know if anyone can be really good or bad at it.

cyguration3636d ago

Can't disagree with the list.

Realistically...anything for the Wii probably should have filled up the list. Nintendo can't seem to get good games for the system for nothing.

(And please don't put together a list of Zelda and Mario games. We get the point, those are good games.)