No, You Won't Be Playing Halo 3 Next Week

The beta has always been listed for this spring, not when Crackdown ships.

February 20 is not the date you're looking for if you're looking for a start date for Halo 3's beta program. Microsoft and Bungie have both said the beta would start in the "Spring," and gamers expecting to pop Crackdown into their Xbox 360 and jump into Halo 3 will be disappointed

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PS360WII4320d ago

but I guess judging by you guyses (love bad english ^^) Crackdown is good enough to not have Halo 3 demo in it

power0919994320d ago

I feel the same way. It looks like it will just be plain out fun. Not so much a GoW blockbuster, but FUN.

As for the Halo3 thing. Hopefully anyone who thought they would be playing Halo3 next week relized that this is just an invitation when testing actually begins. Some time this summer I believe?

Syko4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

And this game is just another example of why XBL rules. It's always more fun playing with your friends through the single player campaign. Hard to match how good a co-op GOW had though..That was amazing

FreeMonk4320d ago

I'm a big Halo fan. I wasted around a year of my life playing Halo 2 online with my friends and other friends I met through X-Box Live!

Due to being in the UK, other than winning some UK Magazine competition to gain access to the beta, they only way to get into it would be by buying Crackdown.

Sad I know, but I really wanted to join in the fun with everyone else and play the Halo 3 beta online with everyone else.

At that time, Crackdown was supposed to be a poor game. It didn't sound to good, the graphic screenshots looked pretty poor and there wasn't much hope.

Then I downloaded the demo, and I was pretty suprised. The single player was solid and fun. Worth the price tag with Halo 3 beta.

Then yesterday I played the co-op with a friend of mine. I haven't laughed so much in ages, because Crackdown Co-op is sooooo much fun.

I can't wait to get my copy, play it through, and by then Halo 3 beta will be about ready!

Syko4320d ago

Even though MS did a poor job of explaining this... Most people were well aware of this anyway.

calderra4320d ago

The beta invite always specifically says:
" will be able to download the beta once it is available."

Does that sound even remotely like it's happening at the same time?

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