The 10 biggest gaming surprises of 2008 [part 2] "A few days ago you could read the first part of our special, the 10 biggest surprises of 2008. Today we are at the top 5. The events we never had seen coming."

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Kingsora3638d ago

What do you want lightning or the game v:P

Snake Raiser3638d ago

Do you really need to ask?
BIG BOSS (me) wants KH3 to be a good PlayStation 3 exclusive.
Any other KH fans here?
kh= kingdom hearts.

Kingsora3638d ago

Look at my name and avatar. I am probably the biggest KH fan on n4g.

IMO KH is one of the most beautifull and best gaming franchise ever made ^^

trpride3639d ago

XIII should just have stayed exclusive

Snake Raiser3638d ago

;====( (This is supposed to be a guy crying.)

BIG BOSS and S. Snake stayed loyal. What I don't really understand is what is up with sony and square. First ff13 then all of these small time xbox 360 exclusive games from them. Seems like they are making a transition. It will work for them this gen because xbox people will buy the games just to say "ohhhhhhhh what now? We gots yo ex-exclusive game" But when people get used to that square's sales will crash. It could be just like SEGA and SONIC. When it is multiplat no one wants to hype the game. KH3? Fingers crossed for KH3 to be good.

Shadow Man3637d ago

E308 Where Sony Got Owned

Snake Raiser3637d ago

Ownage? O RLY?
BUT that was all that Microsoft had, Sony had tons of new games. I would call it a tie. Without the ff13 thing Sony would have won and MS would have nothing at e3.

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The story is too old to be commented.