PSP World: Harvest Moon: Sugar Village Preview

The Harvest Moon series is about to receive a new exclusive title on the PSP. Marvelous Games is currently developing Harvest Moon: Save Sugar Village and plans to release the game in Japan on March 19, 2009. There has so far been no release set for North America, but with the high production values present in the game we wouldn't be surprised if it eventually gets a Western release.

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clinker3636d ago

This game looks a lot better than Innocent Life, which was kind of a strange mix of futuristic stuff and classic Harvest Moon gameplay.


LeonSKennedy4Life3636d ago


Innocent Life got old pretty quickly.

Cheeseknight283635d ago

"Harvest Moon" and "high production values" in the same description is pretty laughable. Don't get me wrong, I love Harvest Moon as much as the next guy, but there are always really obvious problems with each game that could've been fixed easily.

Harvest Moon DS for instance, could have put D-pad controls in.
Harvest Moon: MM, could have changed those god-awful noises the villagers make when talking.
Harvest Moon BtN, could have had better testers to find all the bad translations.
Innocent Life: Futuristic Harvest Moon, could have actually let people marry. Sure it wouldn't make much sense, but does it matter?

And so on...