CVG: Fallout 3 - The Guide

CVG writes: "Bought Fallout 3? Got it for Christmas? Either way, Making your way through this massive post-apocalyptic wasteland isn't an enviable task, as there's a vast assortment of vile creatures ready to rip your limbs off. And with over 50 hours of travelling in front of you, we reckon you'd best go out there equipped with help on how to find and finish all of the major quests, grab all of the Bobbleheads and anything else that will get you through your travels with the minimum of fuss. Onwards..."

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Vip3r3641d ago

Good guide. But I just know I'll end up finishing the game with 19 Bobbleheads. :/

OSIRUSSS3641d ago

This is one of the best games released this year. If Bethesda Game Studios spent about 6 more months refining the Code it would be one of the best EVER.Glitchy but fun as hell.

DreamcastFanboy3640d ago

I agree it sucks when you get stunk inbetween a few boxs and then you have to reload the game...

Mutley4163640d ago

This game is on my list...and Fable2...While I`m on Vaction!!!

lipper3640d ago

this is the best game of all time - hope the updates will add in exceess of 50 hours more gameplay.

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