New Gears content "within a couple of months" says Epic

The next update for Epic's hugely successful Xbox 360 shooter Gears of War fans will be out "Definitely within a couple of months", Mark Rein has revealed.

Speaking to Team Xbox, he added the developer wants "to have as regular a stream of new stuff coming for the title" as possible.

Rein reaffirmed that "there'll be a fun little surprise in the next update", although wouldn't spill further beans. "I don't want to say specifically what we're going to have," he said.

And will the next Gears update be a free download? Epic would "love to have everything be free", Rein explained, although "There's a lot of pressure on us, having the leading game on the platform, to be part of the downloadable economy... there's external pressure on us to participate in that."

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ryanjtravis4320d ago

I wonder what the "surprise" will be... I'll be happy with even a few new maps.

PSN Starfleets4320d ago

Why does it have to be a couple of months?

Balance4320d ago

surprise is probably new weapons. i want it as bad as you but it takes time to make the maps and balance them properly, waiting 2 months sucks though

MEGA4319d ago

I would love for them to add a few maps packed with enemy's that can be played co-op style over Live. A co-op survival mode would be great also. Just wave after wave of enemy's.. starting with the simple grunts and progressively getting harder and harder. Just to see how far you can get with a set number of lives.

FirstknighT4319d ago

More weapons! More maps! Damn I love my 360!

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