Chatting With Samus and Naomi Hunter - at the Same Time

This week, Maxim named Metal Gear Solid's Naomi Hunter the top babe in gaming. Sadie Ultraneko talked to her voice actor, Jennifer Hale (right), who also voices Metroid's babelicious Samus Aran.

Hear her hold forth on being considered a gaming babe, the vagaries and challenges of voice acting a good death ("I hate when I just hear random grunts, because it's ripping you guys off,") and how Samus Aran would handle a relationship with Solid Snake. ("She could kick his butt and keep him in line. She could surpass him, and let him catch up, she could make it work.")

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TheColbertinator3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

She was also the voice of bastila in KOTOR and Jennifer Mui in Mercenaries.Very talented

edit: She is also the female voice for Commander Sheperd in Mass Effect

ChickeyCantor3642d ago

Wait she is the one who screams when you die in metroid?
The first time i died in metroid 1 it gave me the chills.

Alcohog3642d ago

Two chicks at the same time.

StephanieBBB3642d ago

How two chicks dicussing games can manage to make it sound even geekier than it already is, is beyond me...

Girl to the left get rid of those bracers ffs!
Girl to the right, No... No! You don't have the "face".

JD_Shadow3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Thanks for trying to kill it. ><

Shane Kim3642d ago

Somehow, I liked her voice as Naomi in the original MGS alot more than MGS4. It was way more brittish back then and that made her Sexier :).

meepmoopmeep3641d ago

yeah, both Naomi and Mei Ling lost their accents

must be the nanomachines


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