Then & Now: Gears of War 2

Gamespot: "The original Gears of War hit the Xbox 360 like a sledgehammer, going on to sell millions of copies and winning GameSpot's Game of the Year award in 2006. When we reviewed the game, we called it an 'amazing technical achievement,' emphasising that 'games just don't typically look this good.' True to our word, games in 2007 had a hard time matching up to Gears' presentational quality, and even now, two years later, the original game is still a standard-bearer."

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MURKERR3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

wtf? just say both very similar and great looking games, simple!

personally i prefer gears 1 mainly because of the graphics at the time,one of those rare moments in gaming you know your witnessing something grounbreaking,definately deserved GOTY

windmill1453640d ago

I agree, Gears of War 2 is a good game, but a not so good sequel, I wish Epic would have done more with the game.

SRU96003640d ago

Gears 2 owns Gears 1 on so many levels that it's hard to take people seriously when they say the first game was better, or that the second game was just more of the same with slightly better graphics.

Gears 1 was awesome. Gears 2 is awesome and a half.

PrimordialSoupBase3640d ago

The original Gears is better, artistically. It's a no-brainer that the new one is technically better, but I can't say I really care.

GIJeff3640d ago

how UT3 using the SAME graphics, doesn't get praise for good graphics. People have no problem admitting UT3 isn't the best looking game, and yet its got the same graphics as gears. You fanboys are so full of crap.

MNicholas3640d ago

The environment has more detail than in Gear2 and the draw-distance was also better in the original. What were once clearly textured buildings in the distance are now ugly brown smears. The beautifully curved dresser in one of the pictures is not a simple rectangular box. The rain soaked path with high resolution shaders is now just a generic average-res smudged brown texture.

Only in a few situations has the environmental detail increased, and in that's because in those situations you won't encounter many enemies. Having said that, for all the talk about the "increased scale" of Gears 2, like Gears 1, will never through a lot of enemies at you up close, unlike, say, Resistance 2 in which dozens upon dozens of enemies surround you as you shoot, punch, kick and scream for dear life.

To sum it up, they have already maxed out what the Unreal engine can do on the 360 hardware, so any appearance of improvements is simply a result of the designers choosing different compromises. A few less polygons here for a few more pixel shaders there and so on...

Halochampian3640d ago

Not all games with the same engine have the same graphics.

Not every Unreal Engine 3 game looks the same.

Danja3640d ago

Gears 1 looks way better hands down....

Doppy3640d ago

In some cases Gears 1 looks better than Gears 2, more so because of the lack of lighting in indoor environments (a building with no power is going to be dark), and the sunset look it had during the last pics.

But Gears 2 looks much better and more realistic outside than Gears 1.

y0haN3640d ago

Gears 2 is brilliant, definitely worth buying. The multiplayer needs a little work but it's more than playable if you are playing with friends.

GIJeff3639d ago

except epic made both games.

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N4PS3G3640d ago

Better looking for me: Gears 1 VS Gears 2

Mansion: Gears 1
Gridlock: Tie- but I prefer Gears 1
Subway:Gears 2
Tyro Station:Gears 2
Canals:Gears 2

Lancer: Same
Chainsaw: Gears 2
Sniper: Gears 2
Smoke Granade : Gears 2

Marcus & Dom : Gears 2
Anya: Gears 2
Locust: Same ( More scary on gears 1 )

ape0073640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

gears 2 graphics are awesome,more locusts,more effects,gorgeous water,better lighning,bigger scope,more things on screen

but,the level of texture detail is better in gears 1

in gears 2,they have to reduce it little bit to make it bigger

is 360 reaching its limit?

cliffy b also stated that gears 2 maximized 360's processing limit

maybe am wrong but anyway,time will tell

anyway,gears 2 is one of the finest looking games ever,security level im MP looks f****** awesome


N4PS3G3640d ago

Maybe Unreal 3 Engine is reaching its limit..makes more sense

ape0073640d ago

I forgot that point


Why o why3640d ago

the limits of the unreal engine over the 360. The problem is its been the engine that has got the most out of the 360 so read into that as you wish

MNicholas3640d ago

It's blatantly obvious that a limit has been reached. While in some parts Gears 2 looks better, in other areas we see a noticable downgrade in polygon count, number of objects, and textures.

Kleptic3640d ago

it is DEFINITELY UE3...not neccessarily the 360...Alan Wake is the only announced game that has a chance of proving that wrong we'll see...

up until now...the best looking games on the 360 ALL run UE3...with Gears 2 or 1 being the top, or even UT3, depending on which art style you prefer the they ALL share the same blur/bloom effects, particle effects, and nearly identical lighting...Gears 2 does have the 'new' (by new, I mean the stuff that was in uncharted over a year before Gears 2 released) tech implemented, but very sparingly for whatever reason...

so for that reason could argue that the 360 sings at UE3, but no other engines have really been able to come close so far...halo 3 sure didn't...CoD 4 is arguably better in some areas, but is also starting to show its age imo...

Alan Wake is the one MS threw a lot of money at...and Remedy is a very talented studio...the game will be next to perfect gameplay wise most likely...but the real question is how much effort they put into AW as a 360 game, or as a crysis like PC game (being designed for future PCs), of which the 360 receives a quick port on 'medium' settings...many 360 fanatics argue 'no way, its definitely going to be 360 focused development wise'...but Remedy is not known for great console ports, only great PC games with weak console ports...who knows...but no other 360 title has a chance of standing toe to toe with something like Killzone 2 or Heavy Rain...Gears 2 wasn't even the best looking game of 2008 console wise, let alone whats coming up in 2009 (don't even give me the loaded GT BS...that is the only 'credible' site to give it the nod...funny how just 2 months ago they basically confirmed to be biased towards 360 content)...

i'm very excited to see how this Heavy Rain vs. Alan Wake thing turns out...they are both very adult centered narratives...with never tried before gameplay tactics focused on the new narrative approach...both games come from very talanted studios...and both have done nothing but left previewers smiling when given the chance to see it...well...HR at least...Alan Wake has yet to be shown to any previewers iirc....

MNicholas3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

UE3 has not reached a limit with Gears 2. Engines don't have limits. The more powerful the hardware the better it will run.

The reality is that the 360's GPU already reached it's limit with Gears 1 but they did not max out the CPU. In Gears 2, they maxed out the 360's CPU as well. This allowed more enemies on screen, but because the hardware was already maxed out, they had to make compromises (easily seen in those side by side shots) to help out the GPU.

Just look at that shot where the character is hiding behind a dresser. In Gears 1, the dresser was beautifully ornate, curved and shaped. In Gears 2, in order to reduce the polygon count they replaced it with a simply box shaped one with basic textures.

Like that there are many examples of such compromises where they've cut back on detail. Their mistake was in showing the same settings in both games because you can now easily see where Gears 2 graphics were downgraded.

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greyfox2353640d ago

i wish the sniper would down a person like in the first game though

gears 1 better campaign

gears 2 better multiplayer (maybe a tie)


ThanatosDMC3640d ago

With a headshot, yes. With a body or limb shot, no.

Kleptic3640d ago

yeah you may be one of the only people I have seen prefer Gears 2 MP over Gears 1...I only put about 10 hours into both, but thought Gears 1 was better because of the better weapon balancing...that is simply my opinion though, as I was rarely shotgun rushed like many complained about (probably would have happened more had I played the game more)...

the main thing is that Epic basically ignored fans, and didn't fix what they wanted...the dueling thing is a marketing gimmick...its pointless in the game, and is still radically controlled by the horrid online code that is matter what...always...that is what people wanted fixed...the dueling thing was an easy way to get the general buzz of 'well obviously that will fix the host advantage, because I can tap a button faster than anyone'...but in practice it makes no difference...and why the feck does the chainsaw still become a vacuum, with shots to the attacker STILL not stalling the saw?...Gears 2 gives more of an incentive to just use the saw, now that the lancer is otherwise nerfed if anything, saw only players are worse in Gears 2...which is EXACTLY what everyone wanted fixed in the first game...

horde rocks though...simple as that...

Atomic3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

the Unreal Engine is showing it's age.

N4PS3G3640d ago

lol.. yeah..say that to Valve and the Source engine

old as fuk and still kicking @ss!

Atomic3640d ago

That's because the source engine is easy on the eye , the unreal engine has that gaudy look that I despise.

ThanatosDMC3640d ago

It's all the bloom effects. I tried making maps for UT3 and i just cant get rid of it.

phosphor1123640d ago

I agree dude. Ive made maps using the Unreal Engine, Source, HL, FarCry, Quake and I couple very crappy others (stuff like rpg maker and stuff). Overall Source is the best to work with, Farcry was in second for how easy it was. UE engine came in 3rd for me. Production was fairly easy but results were hard to get good. Source was great in the fact that if it doesnt look right, a few tweaks can fix it.

RememberThe3573639d ago

Source more than UE3, but they are both showing age.

The reason the Source Engine is till kicking ass is because Valve is a brilliant studio.

It's sad because I think these two are holding the 360 back. I wish MS had the first party muscle to create their own proprietary engines to take full advantage of their console like Sony does.

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