T-Break Review: HTC Touch 3G

It seems that HTC has come quite a long way since then and things seem to flow a lot better on the Touch 3G.

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sak5003643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Call me old fashioned but i like my N96 better even though its more expensive and does not have touch screen. I'm so used to keying in msgs, numbers on the move with one hand that it feels awkward to have to use both hands and a stylus as well.

ASSASSYN 36o3643d ago

I have an HTC fuze it is glourious in it's design and net speed. I put my fuze against my girlfriends iphone and it smoked it. I could go to europe and the fuze would work just as well as in the states. The touch screen is pressure based unlike the iphone which detects the electrical impulses in your finger. That why the iphone has no stylus.