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First impressions started well enough. The year is 1951 and in this alternative history, World War 2 never occurred and Earth is instead fending off attacks from the extra terrestrial Chimera. Continuing where the last instalment left off, you crash land on Iceland to fend off the invasion as giant alien walkers crush the landscape. It all looks very impressive as you jet set around the world tackling the likes of Kraken, towering 80 ft behemoths and swarms of newly hatched Chimera before tackling the invasion head on from inside the mother ship. In writing it sounds like a sight to behold, but it doesn't take long to realise that these terrific-looking backdrops and set pieces serve little more than a matte painting to create the illusion of spectacle. You never feel as if you're truly interacting with them. Boss creatures can typically only be attacked when the game allows and in a particular fashion. Even if an enemy is susceptible to rockets, your attacks will only count when the game allows, which can leave you stuck if you waste all your ammo prematurely.

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sak5003637d ago

So much for "IT WILL ANNIHILATE" Gears of War2 and 360..

MURKERR3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

oh right gears2 hasnt won any,you see the point im making that there was no need to bring gears up,like no need for me to mention mgs4?hope you enjoyed your christmas sak

have a good newyear everyone

sak5003636d ago

You'd think GOTY awards help anyone? I think sales do. How about sales of Gears2? Any idea?

3636d ago
TheColbertinator3636d ago

Sales mean nothing.10 million copies of GTA4 sold and I thought the was game boring.Less than 1 million sales for Dead Space and Mirrors Edge and I thought those two were great.

Mr Tretton3636d ago

Speaking of sales....Wii Fit. Game of the gen?1 Oh ho ho yes! Sales determine quality!

baum3636d ago

See review scores for more information on how businesses that buy adds have an effect on them. Obviously Microsoft can't buy anything and everything, anyone and everyone, otherwise it would be too obvious that something fishy's going on. It happens on the movies too, that's why nobody listens to movie critics anymore.

You do know that Microsoft bankrolled gamestop in order to host 2,000 launch parties, right? You do know that those "invited" required a pre-order on the game, right? Or do you actually think somehow all 5 million people just showed up on day one to the stores?

BTW, Take Microsoft's jizz out of your brain, that would certainly help you in the future. Oh, and please get laid. I know that chicks are ugly where you live (I guess that's why you constantly have to put porn on your avatar) but hey, you can always move out of your sh1thole to a better place with women that don't have any sand scratches in their vaginas that you can actually try to hit on.

Bathyj3636d ago

If you really think R2 deserves 6 out of 10 then you're dumber than I thought you were, and I always thought you were pretty dumb.

N4360G3636d ago

Quality over sales,any day.Resistance 2 is a great game,but you wouldn't know that since you don't own a PS3.


This game is not a 3/5.I would give the game 8/10.I just bought it a couple of weeks ago and i must say i like gears2 better.The graphics in gears and gameplay is better.

ultimolu3636d ago

Tsk, tsk. You'll never chance, will you sak? Haven't played a single PS3 game and yet here you are.

Happy New Year as well. Hopefully the New Year brings some more common sense to your brain.

kewlkat0073636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

I think this game came out way too fast..and the way the game has been received for a sequel hasn't been favorable.

KZ2 maybe the better game which which didn't get the Holiday Sale slot.

jammy_703636d ago

dont agree with that score more like a 9 for me an i no good game when i see or play 1!

this game is like 2 games in 1

SRU96003636d ago

Resistance 2 is just another mediocre FPS that deserves a 7 (or maybe an 8) but because of Sony fanboy's desire to have AAA games, received way too many 9's and 10's.

Seriously, stop pretending that games are AAA when they are really BBB. lol

Oh, and while we are at it, stop pretending that MGS4 is a game. It's an interactive movie, and a boring one at that.

dantesparda3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

Some stupid reviewer gives his bullsh!t opinion and somehow it matters. I have beaten both, i beat them very close to each other. And i can tell you that i dont care what this nobody (the reviewer) thinks. As i was playing R2, i actually wanted more, but couldnt wait for Gears 2 to end. Gears 2 to me was nothing more, than more of the same (even though you could make that argument about many games), but Gears felt that way more so than usual. Once again, it doesnt matter what some nobody from a some website thinks but rather what you think.

If sales is the measure of quality then Wii is by far the best thing out there in terms of video games. They have a couple of games that are over 8 million game sales.

And why do we care what a$$holes like Saks says, it is so blatantly obvious that he is just a pure PS3 hating fanboy. And is always looking for something to talk sh!t about. He aint sh!t but a hater.

But the bullsh!t complaints of this reviewers are also true of many games, and i hope he complains about all the other games that are guilty of this too. I mean almost everything he's complaining about is also true for Gears 2, but i bet he doesnt complain about it there

And you're telling me that Gears 2 isnt a BBB game buy now? come on, fvck your fanboyism. Gears 2 is SO BUGGY its not even funny, its one of the buggiest games out there today! And also, stop pretending like Gears 2 isnt the same played out bullsh!t Gears 1 was

ultimolu3636d ago

kewlkat, I play great games. I have played Resistance 2 and need to get back to it. It's a kick ass game, that's for sure. But of course, you are entitled to your opinion.

SRU96003636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

"As i was playing R2, i actually wanted more, but couldnt wait for Gears 2 to end. Gears 2 to me was nothing more, than more of the same (even though you could make that argument about many games), but Gears felt that way more so than usual."

thewhoopimen3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

Oh hey did you get a nice check from Epic or MS studios for the sales of geow2? Didn't think so. How did those fantasy dollars up your gaming experience? Do you game with coins or bills?

rockleex3636d ago

Resistance 2 was a mediocre game that was amazingly fun! The co-op and multiplayer was super addictive.

Halo 1-3 are all very mediocre just like Resistance, but they're fun too... just like Resistance.

When I play games like Halo and Resistance, I don't expect them to beat Gears 2/COD4/Killzone 2's level of presentation and attention to detail. But they're still great games that are VERY fun to play.

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yoghurt3636d ago

Reviews do not decide whether a game ANNIHILATES another game, as we all know reviews are so rigged these days its crazy. How about you two have a constructive discussion about why you think your game is better than the other.

I only read reviews for game info now, no point looking at scores as from MY point of view, R2 is way more than a 3/5 (6/10) its complete BS. Do yourself a favour, try the game for yourself, don't miss out on a fantastic game experience because some muppett decided he didn't like it, after all, he/she is just like you or me, he has no authority to decide whether you like a game or not.

TheColbertinator3636d ago

Same as the Edge score.I was disappointed with R2 as well and didn't like it as much as the first one.I thought it was an 8 at least.

Bob Dole3636d ago

What did you like more about the first one??

TheColbertinator3636d ago

-The weapon wheel.It was actually unique to Resistance 1 and I disliked how it felt too much like a Halo clone with two weapons

-R1 actually looked like it was in the 50s.Old house design,soldier uniforms,and human weapons all looked like antiques.

-Narrative was better in R1 and had more urgency/despair.

-R1 had the Arc Charger rifle.That gun was awesome

-Vehicle parts in R1 were actually good.They should have kept them in R2

-Resistance 1 had a long campaign unlike R2.Also it had less scripted scenarios with the weapon wheel.You could beat all levels with different weapons in each play through.I would defeat bosses in R1 with any weapon I wanted.Most R2 bosses required rocket launchers.

-Multi-player was really fast and intense in R1 especially the 40 player deathmatchs.Resistance 2 felt too slow and kinda sluggish

na2ru13636d ago

with everything Steven Colbert said. I also prefered the fixed crosshair reticle from Res1.

Bob Dole3636d ago

Oh ya, forgot about the vehicles. That was pretty fun. It's been forever since Bob Dole has played the first Resistance. From what he can remember the single player was different every time you played it (I.E. you'd get new guns playing through the second time) and longer. R2's multiplayer is more fun IBD'sO but to each his own.

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Firstkn1ghT3636d ago

Finally played and beat this game. It definitely doesn't deserve the few 9's it got. I would give it a high 7. The game was fun but way to predictable. Nothing I haven't seen before.

TheColbertinator3636d ago

I agree with that.I liked the 1st Resistance more

Baba19063636d ago

cant agree with that. i think the game is awsome. the singleplayer campaing is not the best i have seen, but the gameplay rules, and the online and coop is really fun. i think it deffenitly deserves a score above an 8.

Deviant3636d ago

u need a ps3 to play it -.-
above 8 definitely

PimpHandHappy3636d ago

i give the game a 8 easy

and for nothing you havnt seen b4

what game have you played with 8man co-op? 60ppl DM?
not a one

If your talking single player i advise you to take that outlook and compare it to every FPS you play from now on! You will see they ALL follow the same path...its online that seperates

baum3636d ago

However, I'd give gears 2 a high 6. It's just more of the same, nothing I haven't seen before. Graphics don't make a game, and honestly the storyline is lame. There isn't as much difference between the guns like there is in resistance and the multiplayer aspect of the game is broken.

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Fulensenca3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

the first resistance has more atmosphere and a better story.
But Resistance 2 offers a great and innovative online experience ( coop online is a lot of fun ) and nice graphics.
IHMO Resistance 2 deserves at least 8.5/10.

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