CVG Preview: Dragon Age: Origins

CVG writes: "Why no-one has created a Lord of the Rings single-player RPG is a mystery. We've had online adventuring, we've had decent RTS games, and we've had beat-'em-ups with Gandalf-quad-damage-combos but, the canned LOTR: The White Council aside, no modern RPG from the original fantasy universe. But BioWare are about to steal this unused thunder with their own world, but one which reeks of coneys, Sarumans and "You shall not pass!".

After playing through your origin tale, of which there are two for each of the different playable races, you'll find yourself preparing for the battle of Ostagar, a towering city in the human lands of Ferelden, upon which the undead Blight are marching. Here so many Peter Jackson-shaped bells are rung it's untrue (that's his old chubby shape as well by the way) - the Fereldens have a thing for dogs, just as the Rohan love horses; there's a nearby country they won't ask for help from because of past grievances; there's a pyre that needs lighting to signal another army to enter the battle; and a bunch of growling monsters sitting outside the front door. "

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