Addicted To Videogames?- Blame It On Instincts

A recent scientific study reveals that men are addicted to videogames because it stimulates parts in the brain that are linked to rewarding addiction and feelings.

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lsujester3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

I can go with that. Because every guy instinctively knows that any aliens from another world must immediately be met with a 5.56mm round to the face.

ChampIDC3641d ago

That's an awfully small round. Aliens deserve bigger than that! =)

lsujester3641d ago

True. Some aliens are just too tough for our puny American bullets.

This better?

ChampIDC3641d ago

Absolutley, you have good choice in weapons my friend.

KeiZka3641d ago

What if we were to stick to this?

I mean, it's a rifle. With freakin' 20mm bullets. Sure, it might not stop a tank, but it sure as hell stops a man (or alien for that matter)!

poeo3640d ago

kind of pointless imo, isn't it obvious that games make us feel good (both male/female) because you can achieve things in them? high scores etc, just completing a level, whatever.. rewarding feelings come in many forms.