Computer Games(Romania) : Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Review

Zuluf writes "To those who don't know their alternative histories in virtual environments, the Red Alert saga began with the "erasing" of Adolf Hitler by Albert Einstein after some time-travelling action. The result wasn't all that sweet though, because despite preventing the 2nd World War by keeping the Nazis away from Germany's Bundestagspräsident throne, the Soviets expanded their border unaffected by the geographical buffer that is Deutschland.

After numerous events described by the first two games in the series, the Russian leaders use their very own time machine to take out Einstein, successfully erasing his inventions and turning the tide in their favor once more. But bitter irony hits them when they discover that much like the historical "window" that allowed them to grow beyond measure, taking out Dr. Albert also meant spawning a new superpower: The Empire of the Rising Sun. Seems history has a sense of irony."

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