Computer Games(Romania) : Sacred 2:Fallen Angel Review

Locke writes "You should know there's an explanation for what I wrote above. It has to do with my passion for exploring, which I first discovered while playing Daggerfall, in which I'd never get to do more than 20 quests because all I did was stroll around. I wanted to see everything... it's just too bad there wasn't much diversity.

The first hack'n'slash in which I experienced exploration was Divine Divinity. There also are other games, but Sacred came out on top with its vast game world, a decent leveling system and pretty captivating gameplay. What also got me hooked in the end was that you had more RPG elements than in the Diablo games, because you had the possibility of controlling many aspects of the character you played. This is how I got to anxiously wait for Sacred 2. Obviously, I'm not naive and I waited for the first month's batch of patches until I started playing it... and there were many things to fix, as the producers added over 1 GB of content and tweaking to the original package."

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SAiOSiN3637d ago

This game is over 20gb on torrent sites. I'll just rent it when it's out on consoles.