Dengeki: Final Fantasy XIII Gameplay Scans As the rest of the Japanese game magazines, Dengeki has followed suit with the new Final Fantasy XIII gameplay screenshots and information.

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moblin3638d ago

looks pretty good so far

mikeslemonade3637d ago

Looks okay but it is no where near what it was hyped up to be. My interest is still only Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

beavis4play3637d ago

hopefully versus looks fresher than this. FFXIII is looking a little dated. i'm sure it'll sell in japan; but, i'm not picking it up.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3637d ago

Looks good, still have a few on the other side still crying about it though ^^^ point made

i_like_ff73637d ago

I can't believe some of you pathetic sony fanboys are dismissing FFXIII as a bad game just because its multiplatform. Honestly you morons need to go f**k yourself. Im really interested in VS XIII but these scans look absolutly amazing. Jaw dropping...

saf1007923637d ago

No1 said it was going to be a bad game. They stated they were more interested in versus which after looking at the new trailers i am too. I'm picking them both up if they ever get released...

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TheColbertinator3638d ago

FFXIII does look good but SE seriously has to stop with the closed theater nonsense.I just want to see the gameplay in motion.Is that so hard?

Shadow Man3638d ago

Remember we didn't get to see any game play from GTAIV until the very last moment.

BigMassacre3638d ago

Yeah. It probably pains them deeply to show off even a strand of hair flowing in a real time battle. Damn Square Enix.

TheColbertinator3638d ago

@Shadow Man

What you say worries me.I did not like GTA4 too much :(


That is just wrong.

pp3638d ago

Final Fantasy XIII will be a great game only when it comes out on Xbox360.

LeonSKennedy4Life3638d ago

Let's hope for the sake of all that is correct and intelligent that he's kidding.

Porting a game from the PS3 to the 360 will NOT...I repeat...NOT make it look BETTER than the PS3 version.

Obama3638d ago

haha glitches of war 2 didn't even win one single goty

ape0073637d ago

shut up

and @2.3

gears 2 is amazing and shut up

my god,fanboys are out of this world

JasonPC360PS3Wii3637d ago

Yeah it did Obama, the real Obama would kick you in the nuts for being so stupid.

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OmarJA3638d ago

Beautiful scans, from the PS3 footage as usual...

"Final Fantasy XIII will be a great game only when it comes out on Xbox360. "

Thank you but i prefer to play my games on one disc on a true next gen console.

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The story is too old to be commented.