Giant Bomb GOTY Awards- Best Debut

Giant Bomb Awards Dead Space Best Debut

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TheColbertinator3614d ago

I think the correct name for this award is best Original IP.

Dead Space is a great choice.I would have gone with Valkyria Chronicles or Mirrors Edge but to each his own.

MURKERR3614d ago

the metal gear pack with a blast

theEnemy3614d ago

shocked the world of gaming when nobody expects it.

ahnonamis3614d ago

Are we talking about the same Dead Space here? It didn't really shock anyone; anyone who saw the game at events, saw its numerous commercials, or read previews expected it to be awesome. It's not like it came out of no where without any previous coverage or hype.

Megaton3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

I might have to give it to LittleBigPlanet, but if there were any two games I'd have to choose between, it would be LBP and Dead Space. Both were very good, and Dead Space wasn't on my radar at all until after it came out.

moblin3614d ago

I just finished Dead Space and my god the game is really good. Cant wait for the sequel.

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