More Gran Turismo 5 Release Date Confusion

Here's an excerpt from the article

"GTPlanet monitors news about Gran Turismo on a daily basis. It's interesting to watch how a story 'evolves' across the web, but when a 'bad' piece of news makes the rounds, misinformation can spread far and wide. That's exactly what happened with an old Kazunori Yamauchi interview by Import Tuner. The interview was significant because Yamauchi mentioned a 2010 release date for Gran Turismo 5. It's not too exciting, though, because that's what he was saying 5 months ago. GTPlanet has been referenced in many comments by folks who are trying to correct the journalists and bloggers jumping on the 'news', so let's take a look at how everything went down"

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TheColbertinator3642d ago

For some uncomfortable reason I can't see GT5 hitting 09.It just does not seem possible unfortunately

Jager3642d ago

Cep for the fact that the guy SAID it would be released in 09... yep

silverchode3642d ago

i share the same feeling as you colbert, i think itll come out early 2010.

Oner3642d ago

And before people report this for "improper title" as per N4G posting guidelines ~

"So do not edit the original title or create your own headlines unless the original doesn’t make any sense when posted on N4G"

So since the original title only confuses the situation more (as the main article is MEANT to clear up misinformation that was started from here @ N4G) it is well within the guidelines for this news...

gaminoz3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

@ Oner

Ummm the article doesn't start with OXCGN as the source...if you read my comment below you'll see the link (or if you read the actual article you have submitted above?) it gives the actual source that then seemed to go to Gamegrep, THEN OXCGN, then the rest. But don't let facts stand in your way, because they are an Xbox site....

A site that has articles about how the PS3 graphics will overtake 360 next year, or has MGS4 as their top rated game, or has said that the 360 AND PS3 both need to survive for proper competition....Just scroll down the site's home page and you'll see what I'm pointing out.

Anyway, there's so many great games coming out next year on the PS3, I'm not too worried if GT comes until 2010 or not. It's hard enough to afford the ones I want for both the 360 and PS3. Bring on the Heavy Rain!

gaminoz3642d ago

@ Oner

That's a much better intro and excerpt...kudos for changing it to be more accurate. Good find too; the story is a good investigation into what happened.

Aclay3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

After this, I think that Xbox OXCGN site has learned their lesson to just stick with reporting on 360 racers like Forza, PGR, and Race Pro tand not being worried about the status of Gran Turismo 5 on the PS3.

If Yamauchi laughed off a 2010 release in a more recent interview, then I'm pretty sure GT5 will be released in 09' in at LEAST one territory. Right now I still think that GT5 will come out Late 2009 in Japan and then early 2010 for the U.S. and Europe, but I really hope that it's released in all 3 territories in 2009.

Oner3642d ago

Hopefully but watch how quickly this news gets reported & failed.

sretlaw3642d ago

They got the hits they wanted. OXCGN is where the internet is heading, a whole bunch of bs blogs and "news" sites just looking to get hits to make money.

gaminoz3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

@ sretlaw

So what will you say if it doesn't get released in the US in 2009? We really don't know what will happen and there's no guarantee it will be out this year, even if he said it will (he says whatever whenever it seems).

I think it will, or fans should get angry. But he may adopt the famous: "when I think it's done it's done" phrase and release it later. And maybe release another 'demo' to sell. The game will still sell, so what's his worry?

It seems to be this article ( which has caused all the confusion, as reported by the above story (which has a timeline).

All very interesting anyway, and I look forward to seeing when the game is actually released.

Speed-Racer3642d ago

OXCGN will never learn... they are too stubborn.

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