Sony struggles with creation of its virtual world

Michael Marsh, an 18-year-old gamer from Norwalk, Conn., wanted to set up a gay/straight alliance club in PlayStation Home, Sony's new free 3-D virtual world component for the PlayStation 3.

The problem was that the words he was using - "gay," "lesbian" and "bisexual" - were being filtered from text chats and were not being allowed in the naming of clubs or in postings in club forums. Marsh, who is straight but supports gay rights, said he raised the issue with Home community managers during the private beta test, but the problems persisted after the public beta introduction of Home on Dec. 11.

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Bob Dole3635d ago

Yeah it also shows "hello" as "****o"! They need to tone it down on the censorship.



Not really.Even tho i know live is better i still like using the ps3 more because i can watch movies online for free with my web browser.

Vip3r3635d ago

You do know "Hello" is one of the official phrases you can use when you press L1 (or R1, haven't been on home in a while :| )

3635d ago
Anon19743635d ago

I had read a couple of months ago that MS had patented a technology to censor live audio streams in real time, we can only assume for XBL use. I wonder what words they'll ban?

JasonXE3635d ago

what about rainbow or happy club?

Dir_en_grey3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

but doesn't it make sense that reference to sexuality should stay away from this online access point where there is a huge possibility that underage kids can access it?? There is an age where kids shouldn't even be exposed to this question.

Pro-gay or Anti-gay, politics and religion spamming should stay out of gaming. Straight or gay, nobody cares where u put your ****, we don't want to know and u can keep that to your self.

If u want rights to something (or against something), others also have to right to not have to deal with your spamming of YOUR idealism; majority of the people are not even against you, everybody have their own life to live, go live yours and stop trying to shove your live into everybody else's.

And what would spamming YOUR politics to gamers do anyway? Take it to congress, and not somewhere where people are trying to play GAMES!!!

edit: by "you" I mean the selfish bastards who only think about themselves and never think twice if they are causing trouble for anybody else.

cereal_killa3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

@Bob Dole

Agree some things need to be toned down Hell is not a curse word.


"Pro-gay or Anti-gay, politics and religion spamming should stay out of gaming. Straight or gay, nobody cares where u put your ****, we don't want to know and u can keep that to your self."

Agree and disagree (i didn't hit either on your comment) Yes politics need to stay away but Gay/Lesbians are humans and should not have to be afraid to express themselves I'm not saying preach children that what they do in a sexual way all I'm saying is that there no different from them or you except for one way and people have to stop with this crap about Gays/Lesbians are evil (I'm not say your saying this).

"If u want rights to something (or against something), others also have to right to not have to deal with your spamming of YOUR idealism; majority of the people are not even against you, everybody have their own life to live, go live yours and stop trying to shove your live into everybody else's.

And what would spamming YOUR politics to gamers do anyway? Take it to congress, and not somewhere where people are trying to play GAMES!!!"

Agree and disagree again I don't think there's anything wrong with what you say it s your opinion but I don't think there anything wrong with allowing someone to make a spot for these people to go to and be comfortable some people seem to forget that there are allot of people out there that are scared to come out and say they are gay because of the hatred some people have for them and it s wrong what i do agree with is not allowing them to use the words ie. Gay being that one of the biggest words being use in the gaming world when it come to litte kids and adults when they get pwned in a game but as JasonXE suggested use the word like Rainbow room being thats the universal symbol for Gay/Lesbians

bpac1234567893634d ago

@ Dir_en_grey

I comepletley agree 100%. I don't understand why Gay people think it's necessary to tell the whole world that there gay. You don't see any straight people marching down streets letting the world know there straight. Most people don't care! Gay people shouldn't force there beliefs on other people and especially not in a gaming community. There's no need to let the world know if your straight or Gay and children shouldn't have to be subjected to this... come to think of it i shouldn't have to be subjected to it. if i ever go into Home it's to meet people and play games not to find out your sexual preference...DON'T ASK.... DON'T TELL!!!!!!!!

Bob Dole3634d ago

Yeah that's what Bob Dole's talking about. It still bleeps it.... well haven't been on in a while either but it's dumb either way.

Dir_en_grey3634d ago

You make very good points and I actually agree w/ you 100%.
I might have sounded a little harsh but this stands for both sides (or for every side, if we extend the subject).

I guess the only point I was trying to make is that normally, human beings are just too selfish and don't think from other people's point of view.

Either online gaming, or just everyday life, "Everybody needs to be more considerate of other people" pretty much sums it up for what I was trying to say. =)

prowiew3634d ago

Just play games and stay the hell out of home. It sucks anyways.

xwabbit3634d ago

I'm pretty dam sure Sony knew stuff like this would happen.

kwyjibo3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

Don't ask, Don't tell is one of the most backwards laws around. It effectively posits that homosexuals cannot perform the same acts as hetrosexuals, and enforces personnel to stay in the closet.

I don't flaunt my sexuality (I'm straight), but if the conversation were to turn to girls as it inevitably does on a night out, then I'll join in. A serving gay guy, could not join in, he could not even mention his sexuality or he'd be out of a job. So he'd just have to pretend, and play along, something that he shouldn't have to do.

I can see where people are coming from, when they mention that sexuality does not have a direct relationship to gaming behaviour. But your sexuality, whether you admit to it or not is part of your identity. Don't ask, don't tell tries to paper over the problems that LGBT persons face in society by pretending they don't exist.

Until LGBT persons are treated with the same respect as others, where coming out has become trivial in the eyes of society, you're still going to get gay rights' groups, and they still have a job to do. Whether they're doing it in the right way, is a different issue, but they're going to have to be visible.

Whether or not you supported Obama, he owes a great debt to the sometimes contentious acts of the civil rights movement.

RE: Danja
You are right in that the abuse comes from the ignorant, but you are wrong in suggesting that being "out" is asking for trouble.

It's not, and it shouldn't be. If it is, the trouble does not stem from the person being out, but the ignorant people around them.

I remember a Halo video posted by a guy with a gaygamer tag, which essentially just listed all the abuse he got other players, because of his sexuality. What that video showed, was that the Halo community is full of jackasses.

I think Microsoft responded by banning those who use hate speech. I hope and trust that Sony will be doing this too.

Danja3634d ago

I agree with the above ....

Home is a social gaming interface , which means it's about gamers socializing and stuff...

no need to have sexuality become a a part of that because then they are just asking for trouble and to be verabally abused by ignorant ppl online...

cherrypie3634d ago

Well, who would have **** it. It's no **** that **** is doing this. They've got to balance the "family" nature of the **** 3 and the desire ** have an open **** system.

(This ***** edited by Sony for your safety).

No Way3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

Gay people do not have the same liberties as straight people.. That, sir, is why they march down streets. Just like blacks did. They did it to gain those same liberties that the whites had.

Like they say, you don't gain anything from sitting on your ass.

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Cajun Chicken3635d ago

Its a social interface to find ways to play games with people, its not to find out what sexual preference people have, its about your personality and likeness, thats it. Talk about popular culture, hobbies etc, a place of innocence.
Nobody needs to know anything else about you, from a privacy point of view, I say thats quite a relief.
Its supposed to be a simple environment to interract with other PS3 users.

BrunoM3635d ago

AGREE with you ....

i find these kinda weird they talk so much about home being second life and wen it isent second life and its just a place to go talk about games play games and so on people get mad u cant do what u do in secondlife ... come onnn...

people need to make up their minds ... i like home for what it is a place to go play some mini games talk about games and meet new people to play/talk about the gaming world !!!!

Gothdom3635d ago

this is as stupid as the gay olympics (what prevents gay from the ordinary olympics anyway???). I'm all for gay rights, but this has no place in HOME. It's about gaming, not sex. I couldn't care less if the person I played Warhawk with is a lesbian or a gay dude.

PrimordialSoupBase3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

Gay and Lesbian rights has nothing to do with sex. -__-

ultimolu3635d ago

Agreed as well.
I don't know how much more explaining that needs doing concerning this.

UnasFortuna3634d ago

Your sexuality is part of your identity/personality. What is it with the narrowmindedness of people? You think that because I stick a word to my gamer tag, etc... that I am shoving my sexuality down your throats. That is too funny. Are males in America that insecure? Home is a community and if someone wants to set up a space that like minded individuals can meet up to launch games, etc... that is their right as a human being. The last I heard... Home was age limited. If you allow your five year old to get onto a social networking community such as Home then you as a parent should be shot for failing your child. The funny thing is that most retarded entries in this posting are more afraid of their kid hearing the word "gay" than all the foul mouthed @ssholes in HOME and LIVE. Yeah... Hooray for all you homophobic straight MEN.

Armyless3634d ago

you can do whatever you want in your own context, but when it comes to choosing mine, I decide that I don't shove MY SEXUAL predisposition down your throat, and I automatically accept that I will not bear the same from you...

Home is not a hive of sexual innuendos, if you want to do that surreptitiously, more power to you, in fact I'll help celebrate that with you, but you WILL NOT use a homogeneous social gaming network to benefit your particular socio-political ends.

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LittleBigKillzone3635d ago

Believe it or not, for the first time posting on here im at a loss for words guys. dont know what to say to that. feel sorry for the ones this issue would concern

MazzingerZ3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

??? who died?

So according to the article, HOME should be smart enough to identify when Gay is being used correctly and when is used negatively by idots as in "Gay-people should-die-Club"?... I think this last would be more horrible to have around HOME, if not being able to have a club named is "My nice Gay Club" is the price for blocking homophobic people I'm ok with it.

This kind of stuff is looking for controversy where there's not... let's say, SONY allows it...same site posting this would instead post something like "SONY opens the doors to homophobics", "Gay people not welcome in HOME"

This is not news and only degadates the site...some Shane Kim news please!

Raoh3635d ago

actually its in the best interest to not allow it. it keeps bashers from using it.

names have been changed in xbox live profiles for the same reason.

this is a reach to say HOME is struggling.

I guess even the gay community can hate on the ps3.

BrunoM3635d ago

LOL yeah every one hates Home A.K.A PS3

and well is kinda sad if things like these are geting in the way of secondlife i mean HOME GET IT HOME IS NOT SECONDLIFE get over it ..

damn is about games for gamers and thats it EASY leave it!!!