Intel says it won't try to kill NVIDIA's Ion platform

Intel and NVIDIA aren't exactly the best of friends. Just when things were looking up in the relationship thanks to NVIDIA allowing SLI on the Intel X58 chipset, NVIDIA ousts Intel as the GPU of choice in the new MacBooks.

A rumor circulated around the Internet that claimed Intel may be looking to kill NVIDIA's new Ion platform that combines the Intel Atom CPU with an NVIDIA 9400 GPU. The rumor had Intel only selling the Atom CPU with its 945 chipset.

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FantasyStar3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

If Intel were to give Nvidia the cold shoulder; Nvidia can easily go to AMD and that would work out well seeing as how AMD has a genuine business interest in the GPU market. AMD and Nvidia can co-create a new gaming platform that completely ignores Intel, and therefore would start cutting into Intel's marketshare, while shifting everything over to AMD, and allows Nvidia some place to really expand at the cost of cutting back some of AMD's GPU marketshare to make way for Nvidia.

It's not that Intel says "it won't try". It's the idea that Intel implies "it can't try". -To put this in perspective, just think of the 360 without any 3rd Party Support and you'll get the idea. There's only so much you can do on your own.

El_Colombiano3636d ago

Sadly, if Intel gives nVidia the "Cold Shoulder" they might as well be screwed. With Intel's "Larbee", nVidia wouldn't be able to turn to AMD as AMD already owns a GPU market. ATI. AMD would laugh at nVdidia.

OOG3636d ago

yeah sorry dude your post lost any relevance when you said they would just go to AMD...considering AMD owns nvidias main competition aka ATI

El_Colombiano3635d ago

Bubbles my friend. Haha nVidia going to AMD would be the story of the year.