Capcom impressed with latest NPD sales figures

Capcom has stated that they are impressed with the November NPD sales numbers and comment on their platform strategy.

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MazzingerZ3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

"In terms of the Wii, this should prove to third parties that the system still has staying power and perhaps the November numbers will convince a few companies to step up their support for the platform."

When Third party devs see that 45 M install base and that only 1st party titles, Guitar Hero, RE series and maybe a Sonic game breaks the 1 M barrier of course you wonder what kind of games you're going to develop for the Wii...the average sales for the 80% of the rest of the games is 300-500k...some doesn't even sell 200k (Okami)

Developers first need to create an engine for the Wii, in other words, downgrade their current engines

Second, develop games that has nothing to do with what they usually develop, or are you gonna tell me that a Wii Unreal Tournament, FEAR, Dead Space, Condemned, MGS would be a success on that platform? people that want to play those games get a PS3 or a X360 least I recall that I didn't want to know anything about the PONG once I played Asteroids.

It might be risky for many developers to focus on the Wii, only powerful corporations like EA, Ubisoft, Capcom could afford taking those risks.

I recall when I had my Wii, all the emails from Nintendo mentioned mostly their games...Nintendo sees the Wii as their console and care little about supporting developers and make it easy for them to released their stuff on the Wii...why would they? To lose profit? get competition that might take sales away from their titles?...

ask developers, it's not that they don't want but Nintendo doesn't support them as they should nor has any intentions of promoting their games on the console...those developers need a publisher with big bucks to let the gaming world know their games are coming for the Wii

So no one that got a Wii should complain about Nintendo not releasing more "hardcore" know where those games are, on the PS3 and X360...people buy the Wii because of Wii-sports, Mario and Zelda, you know it and Nintendo knows it (and that's why I bought it, to play Zelda, Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid 3, after that, I was done) they are not interested in any other types of games nor in opening the doors to "hardcore" genres/developers.

BeNice3642d ago

So onto arguing with you. First off third parties sell more software on the platform than either the 360 or ps3 the only difference being it is spread out over many titles. And okami sold I believe more than 200K and that too it was port got zero ads and sold on a smalleer base. Please tell me based on akami how the ps2 could be hardcore console when it did selll more but on 5 times on the install base.

BIgger companies can risk on the HD consoles NOT small companies.It costs millions to make games for the ps3 and 360 and you need to bost great grpahics to appeal to the crowd that owns them, it is too big a risk for most developers to take.360 and ps3 may earn the greatest revenue for developers but you have to consider the titles released across the platforms before you take it to mean a particular console is more profitable.
There is a siginificant difference between revenue and profit, these compnies may sell millions maybe just to break even , they want profit and I can bet you if I had the data that atleast a significant portion of blockbuster titles on 360/ps3 don't bring in a profit and some even post losses.

The wii is a far less riskier bet. The 3 franchises you mentioned sold on the system because of the push they received ad wise and the brand names too.

Guitar hero sells the most on the wii fact, look it up all you want. Rock band 1 the gi ped version on the wii was selling and on top 10 charts for npd i believe in novemeber(might be october), and rock band 2 for the 360/ps3 was nowhere to be found! So that shows that the millions invested into marketing and developing the hd versions. The wii version of rack band 2 hence is the exact smae as the hd skus, it'll probably sell more.

Its not only those games sell ,its developing them and marketing them to sell that matters.Next year much better lineup and more variety on the wii than either of the other consoles.True the wii doesn't boast the AAA lineup idea of overhyped(mos of the time) games in its lineup they are made by small developers and have had positive previews.

Also the shuan white game was decalred better on the wii unanimously and its selling mroe than the 360/ps3 versions.

Gaming companies will shift their focus to wii development slowly but surely because partly the development costs for ps3/360 are high.

About the first party domination.Why is it bad that nintendo makes good games sometimes and at other times people complain nintendo don't make good games? So for third parites to succeed, nintendo should stop putting the effort into developing and marketing their games. Third parties don't deped on sony and MS for marketing their software they do it themselves unless either ocnsole maker wants to advertise their console with the game.You get those emails probably cos you registered at nintendo's website. Why don't you ask third parties to ask nintendo to put their games on flyers.

Also with Dragon quest 10 and monster hunter 3 nintendo is poised to take japan altogether. If nintendo dominates japan japanese devlopers will make games fort he console and the gamers here who want those games are going to buy the console expanding the user base with more core gamers. and as the casual gamers see the games available changing they'll try those on the wii alone and move up the rungs of the gaming ladder.

MazzingerZ3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Thank you for discussing this in a mature way...not sure if anyone will read this, though LOL

Those 3rd party games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band are being a success on any platform because of the gameplay and genre is fresh like the Wii's (I have yet to play any GH, RB game, though) and the gameplay is supported by own controllers, Guitar Hero-like games have existed in Arcades in Japan since a long time, now they can play them at home so they're a no-brainer hence they are a success worldwide as Japan embrace them as well.

the RE franchise is way popular in Japan to not sell well, the Wii-more tweak was nice.

I should have included too that developers must also put extra effort in a whole different control scheme which might affect the game's gameplay hence make it hard it to release stuff multiplatform... that's a big risk because that would mean that either your PS3/X360 version would suck compared to the Wii's or vice versa and you would lose on either side...

take for instance Rayman Raving Rabbids game, eveybody knew the right version was on the Wii, the game was developed for the Wii-mote so the X360 version sold bad, 200k and that with Microsoft marketing it as they usually do with any title.

On the PS3 if the sixasis are implemented for a game and they suck, it doesn't matter as in 99% of the cases are optional, so nothing happens there.

The Wii is less forgiving, the reviewers are less forgiving when it comes to Wii games, if you Wii-mote controls sucks, you are doomed your game is bad...then the online support is very awkard, if the game has online on the PS3/X360 it will be expected that the feature is also present on the Wii Speak is out and that can help otherwise in the past how could you solve online co-op if you couldn't have a mic?

I'm not saying is hard but many developers can't take that risk investing time to develop own engine for the Wii...Nintendo seems now to be giving up a little regarding the online...not having a Mic was a barrier, now is there and should help to make look the Wii as a more "standard" console that you can support along the other 2.

Now they just need to release a new controller as the Wii-mote is a whole new concept that limits developers today when in comes to some genres...or open your labs and support eveybody regarding the controller rather than only 1st party... it's not a coincidence that Wii-mote controls are great on 1st party titles...or Japanese, like Konami's PES than on PS3/X360...Nintendo is very closed to non-Japanese devs...

On the other hand, the Wii-mote doesn't need to disappear...many say the X360 is the superior controller for FPS (the horrible D-pad makes it the worst for Figthing and RPG games) and they are wrong, I played Metroid 3 and the controls were flawless, the Wii has the best controllers for FPS today...they just need more titles...

I'm not saying is wrong that 1st party dominates, I'm saying is wrong to demand something else: Nintendo is not losing any money today so why to change?...anyone that gets the Wii for the right reason should be happy today, all those 1st party titles are awesome...those getting it just because the Wii-sports or because is cheap are the ones expecting getting the best of both worlds on the Wii and that's unfair for Nintendo and other Wii owners that purchased the console excactly for what is delivering today.

I don't think is that easy for developers to ask Nintendo to include their titles on flyers, Nintendo has a different policy than SONY and Microsof...sorry, I didn't clarify...I don't get those emails anymore, I did when I was a Wii-owner, I unsubscribed.

SONY and Microsoft has DLC distribution on PSN and XBL so it's on the best of their interest that all games sales well, it's not that they are nicer that Nintendo, they just still make money by distributing that DLC...the day Nintendo has that, then it will treat 3rd party developers in the same way...

this is another can developer's release extra maps on the Wii today? or expansion for their games? or patches?...the lack of a large HardDisk on the Wii is also a have the Wii-Shop Channel but not a harddisk, the 512 MB internal mem. the Wii has is not enough to fully support DLC as the PS3/X360 does.

How publisher can release demos on the Wii? many gamers would take their time to make space for demos every week?

Would Wii owners be happy with their version of the game not be supported after released?

As I see it, there're many barriers for TODAY'S developers to support their PS3/X360 on the Wii and that was always the purpose, Nintendo developed their console with their vision in mind, they isolated themselves and have own HW and SW, they are not competing directly with the PS3 and X360 and never meant to do so, if you don't have the same type of HW and SW you are not a competition because you can own both a PS3 (or a X360) and a Wii without being redundant and get a great gaming experience with that combo.

I just feel that many people don't see the reasons why multiplatform releases on the Wii are difficult, they just bash the Wii and the lack of processing "power" or blame developers..that's what I'm after here, to express my thoughts about the subject and why it looks the way it does today

Having a PS3 and a X360 today is redundat due to multiplatform games, what I did is that I put both on the table, compared HW, reliability, how much value is included in the console and how much accessories you need to buy to get the real thing...and last but not least, exclusives and franchises...the PS3 won hands down, that's competition

The Wii I can get anytime again as soon as some more "normal" games are released with a "real" controller as all that shaking stuff when not implemented well is tiresome, frustrating and gets old fast...which is the case of many of the 3rd party titles

...a new Wii wouldn't take the place of the PS3 nor the place of a potential new X360 as the Wii is not a competitor, maybe at corporation level but not at our level (gamer) get a X360 again they need to release at least as many AAA games like the PS3 next year, The Wii only needs to release more of those "normal" games I talk about which I know for sure won't be available on PS3/X360 as multiplatform games for all the 3 consoles won't never happen.

what I want to see is Nintendo supporting new, young developers, that are starting today, that don't have a bunch of old developers used to deal with a type of HW and not willing to adapt to something else, young developers that don't have a engine, developing standards that have been polished for years, developers that can see the Wii development as the most natural of the world.

It doesn't matter if it dominate Japan (games-wise), again, maybe relevant at a corporation level but not for us gamers, SONY has dev studios world wide...including in Japan of ourse, then you have Inifnity Ward, Epic, Bungie, Insomiac, Starbreeze, etc, the past the best devs were in Japan today you find them worldwide and have surpased Japanese devs in many that's not really something positive for any Wii owner (at least those asking for more "hardcore" games) as the other devs I mentioned will still not release their games on the Wii.

But yes, the more new games for mature audiences are released on the Wii the more likely a PS3/X360 owner will get one or enjoy theirs that perhaps today doesn't get as much action as their other console...

but IMO it will never replace a PS3 or a X360 as it's rather a complement of a whole gaming experience.

ps. By the way I'm 35 and I don't think the Wii is only for kids...Zelda and Metroid 3 were awesome and there're other great games there...only teens say Wii is for kids

Sheddi3642d ago


ChickeyCantor3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )


bubbles to the 2 long posts

" The Wii is less forgiving, the reviewers are less forgiving when it comes to Wii games"

Havn't you learned, reviews don't mean sh/t =P.

Smacktard3642d ago

MazzingerZ: It's people like you that are the second biggest part of the problem. Most casual gamers/buyers are definitely the first, but it's people that you, the kind that think "hurr i'm hardkore" and buy Nintendo consoles for Mario, Zelda, and Metroid, and ignore all the other gems there.

I'm enjoying de Blob more than I've enjoyed any of the above three. And I've really enjoyed Boom Blox too. And No More Heroes.

2009 is gonna drain my wallet.

ChickeyCantor3642d ago

And a bubble for smacktard

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CoolTrainer3642d ago

Someone the bloggist seems to have equated a Capcom sales sheet to Amazing Wii Console sales?

It seemed to me that it was saying that Capcom is loving how well it is selling its games on all consoles.

s2kphile3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

But I thought the people who buy Wii's are soccer moms, elderly and people who don't even know what games are coming out next for the system. And they buy it because it's more of a party system playing with your friends/family in the same room. And if it's not being played then wouldn't be collect dust until the next family/friends type game comes out next and you have family/friends over.

I don't get it. X\

Bordel_19003642d ago

The Wii is only for moms, girls and children. Those are the people I know that have Nintendo Wii, and they never even use it.

ChickeyCantor3642d ago

so 1mil Re:4 players.......=D XD

Smacktard3642d ago

And Xbox 360s are for people that can't afford a computer, and PS3s are for people that don't like games.

What's your point?

FF7numba13642d ago

pretty sure in japan they buy non first party games. In the us and everywhere else its mainly first party. wii + poeple all ages = win. wii+ serious gamer= not likely.

Mini Mario3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

"...many say the X360 is the superior controller for FPS (the horrible D-pad makes it the worst for Figthing and RPG games) and they are wrong, I played Metroid 3 and the controls were flawless, the Wii has the best controllers for FPS today...they just need more titles... "

When i was playing ressistance i was thinking the same thing. The analog sticks seem like such a downer after playing prime, or RE4. Fanboys will argue till they are blue, but i doubt they have even played a FPS on the wii to really make an argument.