Wii Rock Band 2 DLC Coming In 'Early 2009'

Harmonix promises downloadable tracks will be available on Wii "as early as possible." While it was promised way back in September, downloadable tracks for the Wii version of Rock Band 2 did not, after all, make it in time for the game's launch last week. But in a post on the game's official forum, Harmonix assures the DLC is coming soon.

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Briyen3637d ago

at least they got all the features in this time

bigjclassic3637d ago

good news for Wii DLC, eventhough its not here yet its coming.

ChampIDC3637d ago

It's nice news, but it's going to be a pain for Wii users to store all the tracks they want unless they find a way to really majorly cut down on the track size.