PlayStation's Virtual Home Is Less Than Hospitable

Washington Post writes:

"Dude, this place is quiet," says one avatar, a rather generic-looking 20-something guy as we lurk on one side of the Home central plaza, watching virtual people go by on what appears, on my television screen, to be a sunny day in a modern town center. "This could get boring fast," texts another in agreement, a speech balloon popping up over his head.

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DavidMacDougall3638d ago

I've not used Home in awhile i don't really see the upside of it.

Take the phone a friend option and add it to the XMB so you can call friends while there in-game ,also take the instant messenger style talking and add that to the XMB so its not like sending emails back and forth that wouldn't take years and it would improve the ps3 ten fold unlike this crap

Sonyslave33638d ago

u sound like u wanted xbl

KidMakeshift3638d ago

I can't even log in anymore

I keep getting a -604

Home's pretty boring though

I'm the fugly, obese black chick wearing a black and red sweater usually laying on the ground babbling non sense. Don't be afraid to say hi

jaysquared3638d ago

A much as I like my 360 and XBL i would've love to seen Home succeed. If Home Beta would've suceeded it would've put a lot of pressure on M$ in improving XBL or maybe just making it free! Yes I know its only the beta but after 3 years of developement that included three delays the OPEN BETA should've been a lot better! No excuses Sony! Yes its free and Sony is offering it for free but PS3 gamers should expect more or else Sony is just wasting their time! This is one reason I dont mind paying for live because everytime I pay M$ has to improve their service or else there will be alot of repecussions for not delivering the goods!

If Sony would've delivered with their free service in PSN I would expect M$ to drop the fee for live or make it even better. But right now everybody knows that XBL is just so much better than PSN. I don't expect PSN to stay free for long. With Sony financially struggling, the money that was put into the developement of home and the lack of income PSN generates I wouldn't be suprised if they do start charging. Another reason I think Sony will start charging is because they don't advertise that PSN is free! Seriously other than Blu Ray free PSN is the only other reason to buy a PS3 and its crazy how they don't advertise the hell out of that! That's another reason why I think Sony will start charging for PSN.

agentace3637d ago

why does no one understand that home is not a game?

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daflint3638d ago

Hmm, wonder if he realized that Home is in beta at the moment (and maby for a couple of years more). But hes right, it is not the funniest place to spend in front of your television. But who cares?

Its free and you dont have to use it(it´s not the default XMB)

Kyur4ThePain3638d ago

For people without social skills, I guess Home could be a little intimidating.
It seems a lot of people either have homophobic issues about talking to guys, or can't help but rudely hit on girls.
It's amazing how quickly you can meet and socialize with others if you act half decent.

LittleBigKillzone3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

The pool and bowling alone are worth it.. For the longest time ive wanted a good pool and chess game to come on the PSN but now they stepped it up a notch and included a very good pool and chess games within Home and I love it. You guys that say Home are pointless might as well say posting on this site is pointless..

Home is for social networking, if you go on forums and post your little comments like you do on here, then Home is pretty much the same thing only in 3d, its meant to be a 3d social networking app meant for meeting and chatting with other gamers when you dont feel like playing a game at the moment.

I like Home, for the nights that im bored and i really dont feel like playing any games but i also dont feel like turning off my PS3 either, thats where Home comes in, i hop into home play some pool, bowling.. Icebreaker etc and meet cool gamers.

I have a 360 and better than anything Xbox live offers at the moment.
The only reason its being hated is because its Sony and no matter, what people will have these impossible standards that no console company can live up to..

Dont you guys find it odd that the 360's avatars where praised and it was a blatant rip off of Miis but yet they say Home is pointless?! I mean atleast the avatars have some purpose on Home, you use them to represent you and you can actually walk around, communicate, shop, play games etc.. What are the point of 360 avatars?! can someone answer that?! You cant move them, you cant walk around you can just dress them

CoolTrainer3638d ago

This has inspired me to finally go and log into Home.

Counter_ACT3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

Exactly. You can't do anything with the NXE Mii rip offs, yet it was apparently a revolution that was compared to the invention of the colour TV. It's pathetic really. Home is awesome if you've got friends you already know.

If Home was just Home Square with nothing else it would still offer more than the 360 avatars.

daflint3638d ago

Your right, but still i find it a bit boring. But hey, thats my opinion, and i totaly respect yours man.
Remember, still a BETA.

MS not being criticized in media for steeling mii is like what european journalist did in 1939 - 1943 all over again... (if you know what i mean)

Close_Second3638d ago crap and plays as well as one I had on my mobile phone 5 years ago. They should have integrated the bowling engine from High Velocity Bowling - then you'd have a real reason to go into HOME.

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