Unboxing Video of Official Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick

Curious to peek at the packaging of the Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition controller? Check out an unboxing video from YouTube. It'll be available for the Xbox 360 and PS3 on February 20, 2009 for $149.99.

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gameraxis3642d ago

i don't think i'll be any good using one of those.... but i do want it!!

Cyber Gamer3642d ago

I'll just pass on the stick for now and use my ps3 pad cause there more better lol

meepmoopmeep3642d ago

urggh... i'm playing SF:TR and it just sucks using the PS controller or any console controller for that matter.

i'll pick me up one of these or a Hori once SF4 is out

ErcsYou3642d ago

All i know is that after i switched form pads to sticks,... ill never go back..
As for this stick , its [email protected] god like... dont sleep on this if you want it... 100% sanwa says it all..

riskbreaker763642d ago

i know it says it uses some pro parts for the stick and buttons but when has mad katz ever made a quality product? i think never.
i cant believe that's the "official" stick. you might be better off looking for some japanese fighting sticks or better yet, have one custom made. it'll probably be cheaper than what that "official" stick is going for.

MashedButtons3638d ago

This will be better than any custom stick you can find. In the past Mad Katz has been hella low quality, but they're starting to do high end stuff.

This is literally the best parts you can possibly buy... and it's made by proffesionals and comes with a warranty, rather than getting it from some guy who hobbled together the same parts in his bedroom.

It's feature laden, and the best stick money can buy. If you got someone to make you something with the same parts and features (independant button turbo switches, all Sanwa parts) it would cost 200-300$

I already got my pre-order