NoBSGamers writes: "Yes Nintendo fan-boys (and girls), of course we agree that the Wii is undoubtedly unique, innovative, and fun. However, is that the sole reason on why the system is still hard to get after two years?"

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Shnazzyone3641d ago

well this is a bs opinion article. It states the obvious and draws ridiculous conclusions from it. Not at all news worthy.

TheColbertinator3641d ago

Welcome to n4g shnazzyone

Thats how things are around here


Bob Dole3641d ago

Nintendo=Lucky as f(_)ck!

PrimordialSoupBase3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

Two years ago, if this had been written as a prediction, it would have been worthy of attention. But we've heard this all before.

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incogneato3641d ago

more like nintendo = gay, traitors, etc

Sully3641d ago

more like your avatar=gay,poofy,homo etc

Mr Tretton3641d ago

Nintendo = boring.

I loved the years of NES, SNES, and N64. Golden years of gaming. Now I just don't care. They sold out to the mainstream.

SaiyanFury3640d ago

This is an understatement. Nintendo designed the Wii to appeal to everyone BUT gamers that matured with the gaming industry. Yes they get many console sales, but they sacrifice the gamers that grew up with them. Many people like me moved onto the original PS since we were growing up and maturing with the industry. Nintendo wants to perpetuate the younger appeal and as such sticks with that same approach. The most popular games are big with people who are either fans of Nintendo's games or people who are more casual. I loved the Genesis most, but I also loved the SNES as it was an amazing console. Since Nintendo decided to do their own thing I lost interest in them. Just a personal view here, but Nintendo lost my interest when they went in their own direction.

ChickeyCantor3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

" since we were growing up and maturing with the industry. "
Meh, you don't grow out of "games"
Games will always be Games. No matter what.

N4360G3640d ago

I agree.Those were the days.I have completely lost interest in Nintendo,and I don't see what makes the Nintendo Wii so special.

Product3640d ago

Funny how "gaming maturity" revolves around becoming more like pc gaming on consoles.
Games are games.

Mini Mario3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

"Funny how "gaming maturity" revolves around becoming more like pc gaming on consoles.
Games are games."

Yeh I remember when doom, wolfenstein, c&C, dune were never even thought of being on a console (snes/genesis at the time of those games). Until they eventually started downgrading some of them to fit of corse.

When i first set my ps3 up it was almost like setting up pc games. Download this, upgrade that, install this blah blah blah....i just wanna play the damn thing! I can see why some ppl are turned off by it.

I think the ppl that complain so much about the wii are pc gamers that couldnt afford the pc lol... Or a "high end pc" i should say. Instead they are stuck looking at those "lower spec" ps3 games

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Kevin McCallister3641d ago

Yes, they are geniuses for being able to make people believe in this artificial supply constraint for 2+ years. How can they be having manufacturing/supply issues when their assembly lines are just stuffing the same Gamecube parts they started making 7+ years ago into a new white box? Hehe...

Voiceofreason3640d ago

LMAO... They have the highest selling console in history and it would take a really big moron to think that any company could fake shortages while attaining the highest sales ever seen for a console.. You my poor poster are just such a person...I'm gonna save that comment. I can show it to my friends when they come over and say" Check this moron out." We'll all get a big laugh at your expense..

Jecht3640d ago

WRONG!!! They do NOT have the highest selling console in history. That belongs to the PS2. The Open Zone is your friend, so take your misinformed fanboyism there.

Kevin McCallister3640d ago

Excellent, my friend. If I've affected your life and feelings with sarcasm to the point where you are anxious to tell your friends about me, then my work here is succeeding. Also, make sure you tell your friends to pick up Home Alone on Blu-ray high def.

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