Top 10 Beat 'Em Up Games of All Time

The "Beat 'em up" genre has a long and varied history in the video game timeline. Once an overpopulated and overcrowded genre, Beat 'em ups are now a skeleton of what they once were, and the few games that are released on today's home consoles typically don't live up to their ancestor's glory. Regardless of the current status, this genre holds some of the most memorable games and characters ever created.

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Samer3053640d ago

I played and Loved all of those games. Brings back good old memories.

-GametimeUK-3639d ago

SF2 Turbo = My fave fighting game of all time... SUCK IT!

barom3639d ago

God Hand should be on that list. Granted it's not a traditional beat-em up but it's the closest we got in recent years

SaiyanFury3639d ago

Streets of Rage kicked mega amounts of ass to the max. I'm glad this list didn't from from Old Wizard, otherwise you'd have never seen any SEGA game on there.

MK_Red3639d ago

I REALLY hate it when they call Fighting games beat em ups. Seriously, Fighters are games like MK and SF and beat em ups are like Streets of Rage. They are like Hack-n-Slash games only with fists instead of other stuff.

barom3639d ago

They are all beat em ups dude. Shaolin Monks is not a fighting game, even though it carries the MK name. Check out some videos and you'll realize it too

MK_Red3639d ago

I know. MK: SM is a Beat Em Up. MK2 is a fighting game. That's my point. These should be seperate. Streets of Rage and games like MK: SM are Beat Em Ups and games like SF2 or MK2 are Fighters.

tee_bag2423638d ago

I have no idea who would disagree but you speak the truth

barom3638d ago

I'm confused. Who's calling MK2 or SF2 a beat em up game? I don't see any in the article

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farhsa20083639d ago

streets of rage is the best beat em up ever, god i love that game

ChampIDC3639d ago

It sure is a bloody great series. Castle Crashers has taken its place at the top of my list, though. I love games that don't take themselves seriously.

ButterToast3638d ago

Streets of rage was one of my favorite games back on the Genesis but River City Ransom is by far the best Beat em' up IMO. god I love that game!

blvdnights14143639d ago

Mystical Ninja, so much to love

teedogg803639d ago

I would personally love to see a next-gen beat em up. A new Streets of Rage would be awesome.

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