Call of Duty: World at War: Balancing Historic Realism With Fun "Mike and Owen spent about 30 minutes chatting with the Treyarch developers about Call of Duty World at War as they had their collective back sides handed to them in some competitive gameplay.

Tune in to hear Owen and Fahey quiz the devs about how real their rivalry is with Infinity Ward and whether the developers think about the living vets of the wars they turn into games."

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rogimusprime3642d ago

Good game. Treyarch did a good job with the infinity ward engine. But man, those artillery strikes really suck at fragging people. You are better off just putting it in a random spot and hoping you get dogs, as opposed to actually using the recon plane. By the time the artillery shots hit the ground, your targets will be long gone.

Great game though, one of the only ones I'm playing right now.