CVG: Killzone 2 Preview

PSW spent hours blasting it's way through the Killzone 2 beta, which offered only three maps, but plenty of insight into how the rewards and levelling-up system works.

It never got boring. On each map the mission objectives constantly change at random between Assassination, Body Count, Capture and Hold, Search and Destroy and Search and Retrieve, which forces you to think on your feet, act fast and modify your playing style.

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gameraxis3640d ago

sometimes i get too high off hope and i get the game and its good, just not as good as i thought it was going to be (R2).

but hopefully i'm not wrong in saying, it looks like the perfect shooter that i've always wanted!! can't wait!!!

PotNoodle3640d ago

Expect it to be rubbish and then whatever happens, you won't be dissappointed :)

PotNoodle3640d ago

I'm not saying the game will be rubbish, infact what i played on the beta - i really can't wait for it. I'm just telling him to do what i do, expect all games are rubbish till you play them.

LittleBigKillzone3640d ago

The cover is awesome (talking about the US cover) i dont get why all the hate for it, its simple, gripping and to the point. I like how its original, every other shooter has the hero on the cover, i like it that for once the villan graces the cover.

On topic, this game is going to be amazing! For those that where in the Beta, is this game amazing?

JBaby3433640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

Can't give in and look at anything else regarding this game. Have to keep all the goodness for February when I finally get to play it.

Mr Tretton3640d ago

isnt this an old preview with outdated info?

SAiOSiN3639d ago

This is very old. I was expecting some single player info like every other site has been doing lately. I imagine we'll get a SP preview from CVG on Feb. 28.

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