Image of Halo Wars Limited Edition contents released

Microsoft has released an image of the contents set to be included in the Limited Edition version of Halo Wars.

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Leio3460d ago

Please Micro define "limited" ?

LostCypher113460d ago

oh i think you know... The same way the halo legendary edition is still available for the Now low price of $59.99

y0haN3460d ago

Microsoft thinks "Limited Edition" means "Collector's Edition"

Sitdown3460d ago

cause we all know Microsoft is the only one that does this.

X12Celtics33460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

I saw this picture ages ago.

Bladestar3460d ago

I have a feeling that Halo Wars can become very big in the RTS genre...
It's possible that Halo Wars may become to console what Halo (FPS) became to console FPS.

GameOn3460d ago

I dont think it will ever go as far as Halo did. Gotta say though, I think it's really cool how they are telling the story in different ways.

IWentBrokeForGaming3460d ago

no it can't be... cause I recieved 1/4th of what I was supposed to get! GARBAGE!

rbluetank3460d ago

i will be buying odts before i get this game. the price is going to be like animalcrossing for the Wii. i can buy two or three game with what it cost for this RTS. No thanks and best wish to those that have the money.