Blast Factor Trophy Guide

A few weeks ago one of the earliest PSN games received a trophy patch. Blast Factor is a very fast-paced shooter, similar in ways to Super StarDust HD, but extremely different in certain areas. The title was a must buy before, but with the Trophies it becomes a can't miss.

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Cajun Chicken3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

I love the use of the Sixaxis in this game, its really original.

EDIT: I don't have the patch or trophies enabled, is this US only?

gollumlotrs3640d ago

when is this patch available in the uk, and will it be just a matter of starting up the game as normal.

El_Colombiano3640d ago

I would not call this a must buy. Two years ago, sure it was a must buy, but now with the likes of SSDHD and SFHD, not so much.

Cajun Chicken3640d ago

Its got nice game mechanics for a twinstick shooter though.