Kart Attack - 8 Screen Shots

Here are 8 screen shots from Kart Attack, which is being developed by Blimey! Games and is set for release in 2009 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. It's a kart racing game which features lots of fantasy race circuits. The game is des

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DevilsJoker3636d ago

Kart racing only works when its fun and a parody of itself, like mariokart and CTR. Why try to accuratly simulate Kart racing, people feel like fools enough on those things, never mind people who want to pretend to be feeling like a fool.

DevilsJoker3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

As an added note to developers of this game if they read it.
Delete the characters, make them crazy monsters or something. Replace the terrain with a green moon landscape full of runable over pelicans, add in nuclear bomb weapons or something and call it 'HOLY BALLS! Batshit Bonkers Racer - In Space!'
And i garentee you'll get a cult following and sales, and attention. I bet i'll never hear about this game again otherwise.

Speed-Racer3636d ago

Man you are crazy...most F1 drivers started out on the Kart is a very fun sport and there are some competitive races as well for it...

Kyur4ThePain3636d ago

For those who go out once a year during a school or office outing, yes.
But for some karting is a serious sport. If you don't think so, go see how many F1 stars start off in karting.
It is just another form of racing.
The sport might not be for you, but please don't generalize like that.

Gamingisfornerds3636d ago

But the lighting in those screens is fantastic, best lighting I've ever seen in a racing game so far.