Top 5 PlayStation 3 Games of 2009

Endsights writes:

"The PlayStation 3 probably didn't fare as well in terms of hardware sales in 2008, but you can't blame that on a lack of software. From Resistance 2 to LittleBigPlanet, the PlayStation 3 had arguably the best exclusive software lineup out of the three consoles. Sony looks strong again in 2009, and here are the staff picks for the top five PlayStation 3 games to hit next year:"

Article talks about:

- Killzone 2
- Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
- God of War III
- DC Universe Online
- inFamous

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CIO Caveman Trolls3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

Just 5??? Whoops

DC Universe Online & inFamous will fail, unfortunately.

Let's do a real-world calculation, 5 - 2 = 3 Great PS3 games for 2009.
Only on Sony Playstation 3®

I'm always TRUE, it can be proved by the excess number of disagress below.

CloudsEnd3635d ago

Oh, well the next years 360 lineup is just halo lol.

dannyhinote_133635d ago

The 360 lineup hasn't completely been shown yet. Microsoft tends to keep things hush hush until the beginning of the year.

nycredude3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

It's top 5 article you idiot not all Ps3 games of 2009. Get a clue and learn to read before you attempt to troll you pea brain.

Edit: @ above I am sure it makes perfect sense exposure wise to show a game 2 weeks before it drops. /Sarcasm

Zolin3635d ago

Dude go back to your cave!!!
OHH yeah 2 moths to go

ChampIDC3635d ago

Two moths left? Where are they? I'll smash them for you!

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Cajun Chicken3635d ago

I know, I know...but is GoWIII seriously going to come out in 2009?

Is there any evidence for this, its all fine including it on lists on every media website, but if it doesn't everyones going to say that 'Sony lied', even though the media would of been the ones to hype up the actual suggested release.

dannyhinote_133635d ago

I don't think it's been confirmed to be in 2009, but it's a pretty good assumption.

Zolin3635d ago

The Kings of 2009
Killzone 2, Uncharted 2 , and God of War III (if it comes out)

TheMART3635d ago

God of War III will release in 2010 I bet...

So no games for me on the PS3 in 2009. That's pretty sad.

nycredude3635d ago

You know what is sad, the fact you troll all the Ps3 threads and state your useless thoughts as if people actually care what you think. If it is one game on the Ps3 then I guess no game on the 360 then, right? Better hope the Wii starts dropping games left and right, maybe the Conduit will hold you out until next year.

TheMART3635d ago

Dude. Learn to read.

No games for ME in 2009. There is nothing else I like besides God of War III.

You can't change MY opinion tard. If you don't care what I say, why do you anwser? Jees, PS3 tards really have no brains at all.

On the 360 for next year I have: Alan Wake, Halo Wars, I bet Forza 3 will release at the end of 2009, so more to play on the 360 for ME.

JBaby3433635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

I give GOW a better chance of coming in 2009 than Alan Wake. Only time will tell though.

Also if you can't find something in all of 2009 on the PS3 you could enjoy then you are seriously a fanboy and have problems. If you can't find Uncharted 2, KZ2, inFamous, GT5 (hopefully 2009), and others worth playing then you show your fanboyism. You will taut lesser games on 360 and yet say PS3 has nothing for you.

pp3635d ago

Wow what a pathetic list of 09 games for PS3 just makes me more proud to own a xbox360.

Queers of War3635d ago

1 award for best that all GeOW can muster up? surely i thought it could win at least 360 GOTY...or at least get a nomination for it LOL. enjoy your 2009 with your halo 3.5, halo tennis and lego halo

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