Killzone 2 Will Rise Above The Haters

Anyone who is familiar with video game forums is quite aware of this recurring phenomenon: if a game either gets too much hype or too much critical acclaim from reviewers, it quickly becomes "hip to hate." All of this boils down to the elitist superiority complex of most insecure forumites (seems like everything boils down to insecurity in this world); just to prove they "know more than everyone else."

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fishd3638d ago

"Unleash the WHIRLWIND of our wrath! Our guns never tire!...and we have beaten back the foe. Send them, running."

Haters and doubters will be burned in the fiery pits of Helghan!

ChampIDC3637d ago

Yup, game looks amazing so far. Haters will be owned hopefully. I'm a tad doubtful because of the first game (which wasn't bad mind you, just not as good as it was hyped to be), but from what I've seen so far, I'm sure it'll be miles better than the first. You just never know until it's released, though.

jammy_703637d ago

people only hate this game cause there JEALOUS!!!! well 360...

from the beach3637d ago

Yeah, the graphics are way too awesome for this game to suck

ChampIDC3637d ago

Well, graphics don't guarantee good gameplay, but they're definitley a plus. People say the game is awesome from the beta. Let's just hope it's not repetetive. Repetition kills a lot of games.

lsujester3637d ago

*cough* Assassin's Creed *cough*

I'm officially never saving a frackin civilian again in my life.

poeo3637d ago

haha i love that quote, it has stuck to my head after watching the trailer for 200 times.

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LevDog3637d ago

GTA4 had nothing to do with going more Real.. It was just plain boring and over rated..

iistuii3637d ago

wasn't boreing or over rated, it was just crap on the ps3, it was a jaggie mess and was just miles better on the 360, thats why people slag it off. If it was better on the ps3 it would be getting game of the year from you ps3 fanboys.

CViper3637d ago

SWEET im Picking someone up...
swe..e.t.. im going.. to a..

o..lookk.. darts..

and an empty city with nothing to do.

But play darts, and watch a comedy show over and over.

No replay value at all.

Thats why GTA4 sucked. Because the game features, were lacking. Saints row 2 is clearly the better game.

ChampIDC3637d ago

I feel that GTA4 beats SA on the first playthrough, but after the first playthrough of GTA4, there's really nothing left. SA wins in the replay department.

jammy_703637d ago

SA had jetpacks, fast planes, better cars and a better story was so much fun!!!
how the hell u think GTA4 is better 1st playthrough i really do not no

uie4rhig3637d ago

imo the story and graphics of GTAIV was better than GTASA.. loved GTAIV's physics as well.. everything else.. GTASA wins a billion times..
you know .. i really hope that R* isn't gonna make this a habit with GTA..

ChampIDC3637d ago

I felt GTA4 was a lot more immersive than SA. I really didn't care at all about the story in SA, but GTA4 drew me in with its story.

lsujester3637d ago

Yeah, a story about some guy in the hood holding his pant crotch and giving an ebonics lesson just doesn't do it for me.

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Tacticity3637d ago

Yep it truly is the Halo killer. It truly is.

G Man3637d ago

HAHAHAHA- Guys this game is developed by Guerrilla Games, creators of the abominations Killzone 1 and Shellshock.

Get excited, this game will be good for sure. LOL!

ballsofsteel3637d ago

made killzone liberation which was a solild game all around. besides it always seemed that GG would always think too big for their hardware to contain. i remember playing the first one and keept thinking if it would break my PS2 cause for it's time KZ1 pushed the PS2 to it's limits and alittle beyond. now with teh PS3 and big budget & team there is no reason to doubt them. and btw a lot of companies come back from making bad games. GTA2 wasn't liked by many GTA3 is in the history books form one of the greatest games in history

doshey3637d ago

there was nothing bad about killzone one, just that it had bugs and such, maybe u would know that if u played the game instead of judging it off reviews

Ace_Shooter3637d ago

you have a lot going against your argument G man. First: the public beta testers loved the game. Second: the preview build is getting rave reviews. Third: Look at Free Radical, at one point they were one of the greater FPS makers, now i point at Haze. Were you typing that while cleaning and hugging your master chief helmet ever so tight?? ;) this game's gonna rock

Why o why3637d ago

g man is sh!tin himself and in a rage of envy all at once

Aclay3637d ago

@ G Man,

Those excuses are getting pretty old.

The only thing that Xbox fans like you can say about KZ2 to comfort yourselves is that it will end up like KZ1 whenever Killzone 2's gameplay footage says otherwise. You are in serious denial, don't be upset because Killzone 2 makes Halo 3 look last gen.

Until then you can just keep polishing your Master Chief helmet "wishing" for Killzone 2 be a failure, but it wont be.

ChampIDC3637d ago

Well, gameplay footage alone can't tell you everything about a game. I must say KZ2 looks very very promising, but KZ1 also did. You just gotta have faith in the developer until you see the final build.

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