Resident Evil Degeneration Now Available on Blu-ray, PSP UMD, DVD

A new Resident Evil flick is now available: Resident Evil Degeneration. It's not from the movie series you may be familiar with in the US, but it is a new CG animated release from Japan, featuring Leon and Claire from the Resident Evil game series (Code Veronica, Resident Evil 2 & 4).

Also see a cool 3d panorama from Resident Evil 5!

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Sevir043644d ago

they've been playing the first 8 minutes of it in PS Home in the theatre. and it looks like a good movie. i cant wait to see it.

Simon_Brezhnev3644d ago

its an ok movie not a lot of action

KidMakeshift3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

It's kinda like 2+ plus hours of Resident Evil 2 cut scenes

I thought it was okay, but I'd never watch it again like FF: Spirit Within

yoshiroaka3643d ago

Yea it was a great movie... much better than those 3 with real people anyway.

Only the first Resident Evil Movie was decent out of those 3.
The other 2 were terrible.
Degeneration was plenty cheesy but it felt like RE.

P.S. Leon is da bomb

Akiira3643d ago

i like all those movies

ThanatosDMC3643d ago

The DVD $19.99 at Best Buy and the Bluray is $26.99.

Great movie. Fans of the series should watch this especially those that played and liked Resident Evil 4.

Leon S. Kennedy totally owns! President sends one exterminator to annihilate zombies and g-virus Tyrants.

Leon + knife = PAIN!

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PirateThom3644d ago

I know... did anyone ever even buy movies on UMD?

tatotiburon3644d ago

i watched the BR rip and i love this movie i will buy the BR disc.

Bnet3433644d ago

13 more minutes till DVD rip is finished.

Heldrasil3643d ago

Damn, I saw this about 3 weeks ago...funny how fast things get leaked...still buying it though.

medziarz3644d ago

if not the best in the RE series.
definately blows Extinction out of the water.

Panthers3643d ago

Everyone I talked to said Extinction was great. Now the 2nd one was bad.

KidMakeshift3643d ago

Resident Evil Apocalypse was really really bad

Extinction just had no point nor ending

ThanatosDMC3643d ago

Extinction sucked cuz the chick had godlike mind powers. I mean, even Wesker cant beat that so it's total bull.

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