VideoGamer: Visionary Top 5: Microsoft

With video game publishers focusing more and more on what's around the corner, rather than looking ahead to what's due a year from now, predicting the big games and moments of 2009 isn't easy. But that hasn't stopped VideoGamer from gazing into their gaming crystal ball and bringing you their predictions on what's going to happen next year.

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bobdog6263638d ago

MICROSOFT is Ready to take on the PS3 at the Top of there game in 2009 .Glove,s come Off then . In order for PS3 to Win they Must Drop the Price First then Sell Double the Game,s and Game System,s. Do you Think they can Pull this Off? Hummmmmmmmm.

pixelsword3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

If the PS3 drops their price before Killzone 2 comes out and stays competitive with the 360 in terms of price, I think the PS3 will sell in leaps and bounds. I don't know if it will outsell the total numbers of 360's sold, but I think it will regain consumer confidence after Sony's boast-fest at the beginning of this gen.

The real problem is both sides are underestimating each other, while still underestimating the Wii (this gen's leader) for some reason.

The 360 really needs to focus on bringing out much more power in it's games, not just the graphics boost. I'll probably be the first PS3 fanboy to stick-up for The Halo series (Chief's one of the best characters in gaming) but I was expecting much more out of Halo3 than what I seen in terms of the 360's power; and it being a first party game (at the time) I was expecting MSG4 graphics on Halo3. DON'T get me wrong, I love the series; I just was expecting more physics and graphical opulence from that game more than any other game when H3 came out... especially since everyone was saying that the commercial that was shown was supposed to be in-game. I was really hoping that it was.

If you get the chance, buy Halo 1, 2, and 3. In terms of story and gameplay, it was a hit, no doubt.

The PS3 needs to focus on, well, everything else. Killzone shows the power of the PS3 (well, more than half) and that's good. What would be much better is if the Sony puts out everything they were talking about.

Give us the "full" experience from home, from the games, and from the price and not just betas like home's beta and Gran Turismo's beta.

I fully understand that such feats take time, but that being said, Sony should have totally came with a humble attitude about that fact instead of acting like every game will poop golden hookers.

sukru3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

This year (2008) was very good for us gamers, and it seems like 2009 will be only better. I think it's safe to wait for until Feb-March when MS will reveal more of next year's pipeline (like 2008's GDC).

As a side note, while I prefer 360 as main gaming medium, I don't mind going multi-platform for occasional must have titles (like MGS4). This will allow me to enjoy both Alan Wake and Heavy Rain (or whichever turns out to be better). :)

bobdog6263638d ago

They sold a Mil Console,s this MONTH ALONE. The DS sold about a mil too. It's Too Late ,The Wii has clearly Beat the Crap out of Sony and Microsoft.This is All about Second Place.

sukru3638d ago

The Wii hardware is slightly better than an (original) Xbox of the last generation. Still it sells in crazy numbers.

I think console popularity has become inversely proportional to hardware power.

That's the only explanation remaining. It seems to be unaffected by the amount of games, or average game quality. Even the price is not the main factor.

We're in strange times, indeed.