Top 10 PlayStation Exclusives of 2008

Before you get the pitchforks out and rustle up an angry mob, this list deliberately disqualifies titles like Fallout 3 and GTA 4 (and any other games that appeared on another console). These are games that a console gamer could only buy for the PS3 or PSP.

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barom3639d ago

no valkyria chronicles = this list sux

-GametimeUK-3639d ago

I am gonna get that game... Looks like the hidden PS3 gem of 08

my top 3

1. MGS4 (best game this year period)
2. LBP (great game but abusing dlc just like scamco)
3. R2 (another amazing game which has to be the most complete experience on PS3)

Relcom3639d ago

I need to make a website that list the top ten gaming top ten list. Because their can literally not be enough top ten lists.

Max Power3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

there might be a website for that reason, atleast i know a site that only makes top ten lists, let me find it.

Arg i fail, can't find it, to be honest not really looking to hard.

MaximusPrime3639d ago

IMO thats a great list. (of course few more are missing)

Mr_Insane3639d ago

Last 5 =fail
First 5= I'm okay with

TIKUP3639d ago

what about white knight chronicles that is out in japan but not in my land the uk

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