Resistance 2 hits 1 million, LittleBigPlanet hits 1,5 million

After a few months, LittleBigPlanet and Resistance 2 sales are growing. Today the new statics were released, and we see that Resistance 2 hits the one million. More info and statistics after the link.

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InMyOpinion3636d ago

Resistance 2 hits 6 million, LittleBigPlanet hits 10,5 million. Source: Jenzo Analytics.

GrieverSoul3636d ago

I dont think they would go as high as those numbers but they will sell much more copies. I´d say LBP will sell more 2 millions and R2 750.000 copies. LBP will be served with DLC through out the year. R2 will have some map packs and I dont see much more coming.

I have both of those games and the action frenzy of Resistance 2 and the heart warming feeling of little big planet make a great COMBO in my gameplay habits!


3636d ago
Sheddi3636d ago

WOW 13.13 UNTHINKABILLION! do u even know how much that is!!! I cant even think about it!

Nuch Vader3636d ago

The same PS3 owners that Hate VGChartz are now going to praise their numbers when it's in their favor.

CIO Caveman Trolls3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )


N4G is like a jungle, everything goes!! you don't need to be an Einstein to collect/loose bubbles.. just following a circle jerking or trolling at the speed of apophis

masterg3636d ago

When you think about how far games like MotorStorm and Resistance FOM got in sales I would guess LBP to reach somewhere between 4-5 million this time next year. Resistance 2 I would guess to reach 2-3 million.

Sheddi3636d ago

i just thought it sounded so funny :P
hahaha unthinkabillion +bubbles man.

Bathyj3636d ago

Stop acting so butthurt at every little piece of decent PS3 news. You dont have to be the first to downplay it.

Then again, whose acting, your butt probably does really hurt.


Both awesome games, my second Xbox RROD on christmas when i was trying to play Left for Dead(got that game for Christmas)
Does anyone know how i can Send it in for another one because im not taking Microsofts bullcrap on taking $400 dollars from me, they owe me i wanna play left for dead played it for like 2 minutes then RROD thanks!

sak5003636d ago

hahahaha look at nasim posting there. He's still alive and trolls elsewhere:

27 december 2008 27 December, 2008 ... ...
stop posting with VGFAKE numbers stop posting numbers with VGFAKE

VGCHARTZ downgrades PS3 sales . VGCHARTZ down grades PS3 sales. VGCRAP Has X360 outselling PS3 in EUROPE when x360 doesnt even exist there VGCRAP Has X360 outs amount PS3 in EUROPE X360 doesn't even exist when there

they have X360 outselling PS3 in Middle east ---HAAAAAAAAA a place where no one buys american products X360 outs amount they have PS3 in Middle east --- HAAAAAAAAA a place where no one Buys american products

vgchartz is a banned website owned by ioi ---a british kid who used to live in the SLUMS of BIRMINGHAM vgchartz is a banned site owned by IOI --- a british kid who used to live in the SLUMS or BIRMINGHAM

The numbers there are complete GUESSTIMATES The numbers there are complete GUESSTIMATES

even the word VGCHARTZ is banned at GAF and all other forums VGCHARTZ as the word is banned at GAF and all other forums


TVC153635d ago

Gears 2 sold more than both LBP and R2 combined. :)

rogimusprime3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

just call 1-800-4-MY-XBOX and they will send you your coffin - which is the slang word for the standard box the RROD's go in to be sent in for warranty repair. You can also go to the website if you are outside the US or whatnot and they will email you instructions on what to do (i.e., take your HD out, make sure theres no game in it, etc)

tough break having RROD on christmas. That's not even funny.

A word of caution...make sure you play it for a while when you get it back. My buddy just got his back from repair and it RROD AGAIN within 48 hours while he was streaming netflix.

Jones Miller3635d ago

Gave you bubbles and the only agree. Youre so right and the people who disagreed are all retards.

N4360G3635d ago

Great sales.Both are really good games.I'm impressed a new IP managed to sell so well.I hope both of these games sell more,they really deserve the great sales and people need to play these great games.

SonyOwnsNextYear3635d ago

grieversoul: bubbles for your wise choice of vocabulary

Doppy3635d ago

Both hit 1 million back in November. Why post it now when it's almost January.

Tomdc3635d ago

lbp will sell 4 - 5 mill in its lifetime I reckon. Its the top selling PS3 game in the UK.

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Arsenal4Ever3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

i thought LBP, MSPR and R2 were flops :)

EDIT: I didn't know this was VGchartz.

Andor_Trask3636d ago

you thought LBP and R2 were flops?! wtf kind of games do YOU find acceptable? Banjo Kazooie? crackhead

SaiyanFury3635d ago

No apparently HALO and Gears of War are his only admissions for games to succeed. Yeah PS3 games don't sell, that's why MGS4 doesn't sell only on the PS3 very well. Oh wait, it does. Sorry.

Arsenal4Ever3635d ago

OMG you people are soo stupid I was being sarcastic, can't you take a joke. I have all 3 of the mentioned games. Its just that people were saying OMG LBP didn't sell 6 billion day 1 so it was a flop. I even put a smily face to let you know I was sarcastic.

You took away my bubble, can I have it back please?

GrieverSoul3635d ago

Im the only one who understand your sarcasm? lol
Man people are harsh! They didnt view your SMILEY face so the disagree! Man, I feel for you!

Downtown boogey3635d ago

I especially like Motorstorm Pacific Rift and feel kinda sad that it's not as recognized as many other games.

DaTruth3635d ago

People on this site are very defensive(360 PS3 fanboys alike). They jump to conclusions looking for someone to flame. Here's your bubble back, It was pretty obvious what you meant. You should have said "bu... bu... but... the flopz"

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The Killer3636d ago

those who freaked out for this good news and reported are

Lame: (14 minutes ago)
Reported by: BLaZiN PRopHeT
Lame: (20 minutes ago)
Reported by: Agent-X
Lame: (46 minutes ago)
Reported by: kevco33
Other: (1 hour ago)
source vg chartz
Reported by: Kain81
Lame: (1 hour ago)
Also, it's impossible to comprehend the english with the google translation.
Reported by: Jenzo
Lame: (1 hour ago)
Reported by: deep
Lame: (1 hour ago)
Reported by: Valdass

any way i knew that LBP will sell between 1.5 and 2 million copies by the years end, as for resistance 2 i didnt have any guess but 1 million is good with all those great shooters out in the market at the same time! R2 will pick up more sales with time, i think it can easily pass the 2 million mark

InMyOpinion3636d ago

I don't like VGChartz because their stats aren't based on any real numbers, and I don't like Google translated news because they don't make sense.

If N4G's moderators followed their own 'guidelines for posting' this wouldn't get approved.

JBaby3433636d ago

It's fine if you don't trust vgchartz (I don't trust their numbers either) but at least be consistent and report the article as lame when it's tauting 360 consoles' or games' numbers. I look forward to seeing you report 360 related articles as "lame".

Just got R2 for Christmas and so far that game is great. Don't know what the haters were talking about. It deserves at least a million in sales.

DaTruth3635d ago

You mean the same guys who are in the Americas weekly sales thread saying how awesome 360's doing according to VGChartz.

Anon19743635d ago

All sites that report sales have their samples from retailers they partner with and estimate the rest. Even NPD numbers, which some take as gospel, are later proven incorrect when the numbers are finally released from the factory. Numbers from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are the only numbers you can really rely on because they're truly the only ones that keep track of what's going out the door to everyone.

As for VGChartz, they do a good enough job to be used as a source for the BBC, Forbes, Fortune, The New York Post and the New York Times to name a few. Obviously these publications check their sources, and if they think that VGChartz is good enough to quote in their magazines, there must be something to their numbers - or they're at least as accurate as source as can be expected without the official ship numbers.

flash743635d ago

Darkride, you're absolutely right, but don't try to tell that to half of these fanboys. I tried to reference VGchartz during one discussion and was treated with arrogance and contempt, as if these idiots that dismiss sites like VGchartz know more than business and sales professionals like Forbes and The New York Times. It's fairly comical trying to have an intelligent discussion about facts when a majority of the people who post on here let their opinions take precedence. It's funny, the discussion I had was that Gears 2 would catch up to MGS4. The person I discussed this with said I was crazy. In just a couple months of being released, Gears has already passed it. My point wasn't that Gears would be better, it's just that I felt it would sell better.

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The Judderman3636d ago

Lets not kid ourselves. Whilst good figures for ordinary releases, for Ps3 biggest Christmas titles these figures are awful. I mean there really bad considering all the hype and the fact its Christmas.
Why don't Ps3 owners but games? What is wrong with them? Its not that the games are garbage, there not so what is it?

The Killer3636d ago

they r buying game but not just ps3 exclusives only, ps3 owners r not all fanboys like 360 owners u know?? most of them r buying football game, there is so many shooter games this holidays to pick up from not just R2, LBP is new IP and is selling very good for new IP!

EA,Activision,Ubisoft,T2 all reporting to have more profit from ps3 than 360!! so what does that tells u??

MURKERR3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

four big companies including EA and gta grandfathers take two have announced they made their most revenue from ps3 sales... hmmm go figure

thor3636d ago

I don't know what you mean. Look at PS3's biggest selling titles of the year - MGS4, GT5:P, LBP, Resistance 2, Motorstorm 2 and you'll see if PS3 owners are buying games. They are. They're just spread thinly over a load of games. MGS4 sold over 4 million copies. MGS4 was the biggest hit of the year for PS3 just like Gears 2 is for the 360. If you take Gears 2 out of the equation, the 360's games aren't selling too well now are they.

GrandTheftZamboni3636d ago

I guess PS3 owners don't wait in line to buy games on first day of release. I buy a game when I feel like playing it and when I have time.

Nathaniel_Drake3636d ago

So if it didn't hit 3 mil in one day its considered a flop, where the hell did the concept of gradual sales go????

JBaby3433636d ago

Welcome to fanboy bashing. The 360 fanboys still consider Uncharted a flop. Some people will reach at anything to bash the opposition. If a game breaks the 1 million it's pretty much considered a good selling game. The only exception is if the game is on PS3. Then it's a flop. Don't worry they are quickly running out of excuses. They went from "no games" to "the games not selling". Just feel sorry for them missing out and move on.

Andor_Trask3636d ago

God, there is a reason you are required to take English every year of high school.

Ju3636d ago

...but obviously they forget about geography.

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ukilnme3636d ago

Do hardware and software sales matter on N4G or not? Do sales only matter when they support a particular console or game?

Captain Tuttle3636d ago

Sales only matter when they support a particular console. C'mon man, you know that!

ukilnme3636d ago

LOL, I know. I just want to see if the answers change...again.

spectyre3636d ago

"What's with all the negative waves, Moriarty?"

I've been waiting forever to use that line.:)