2008 HDTV Shopping Guide: Credit Crunch Edition

The global financial crisis is changing consumers' shopping habits and these shopping guides have to adapt to the new times. People all know a LCD HDTV with LED backlighting and a 240 Hz panel will look gorgeous, but if another set can offer practically the same visuals at half the price, then you have to pick the one that gives you more for the money.

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power of Green 3613d ago

Sharp or Samsung LCDs(Samsung video prossesing is great), if you wan't a plasma get Pioneer, some how their Plasma's beat the above LCD brands I mentioned, although they cost about 2 more Geeeees lol.

Panthers3613d ago

For lower budget, the new Vizio plasmas are amazing. Plasmas are all around better today than LCD. Yes, even for gaming. Burn in is a thing of the past. Plasma has a MUCH better picture. I have the 32" Vizio Plasma and it looks so much better than any other 32" I have seen or owned. Crystal clear and bright. Also since the screen is glass, it is much easier to clean.

BattleAxe3613d ago

Yeah, I really like Samsung LCDs and Sony LCDs aswell. They usually get top ratings.

ambientFLIER3613d ago

I agree with Panthers. I got a 40 inch Vizio plasma about 6 months ago, and so far, I've been very impressed. For $750 the quality of this 720p set is far greater than I expected.

C_SoL3613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

If you can't afford these tvs I recommend getting this tv......

Check out the specs.....

Perfect for gaming in my opinion.

Hot_tea3613d ago

I have to say the new Samsungs (120hz) are amazing for the price.
If I were choosing an LCD now I'd get one of those.

NeonSkull3613d ago

I'm getting the samsung LE46A656, in the next week or so.

ElementX3613d ago

I have the Samsung LN46A650, bought it last week. I can't believe how incredible the image quality and sharpness is! I finally got rid of my 200lb Sony WEGA Trinitron 34" CRT beast. That was good when I bought it 5 years ago, however the picture on an LCD is 100x better.