Neocrisis - New Star Wars: The Old Republic Screens

Neocrisis - 8 new screens for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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20093643d ago

i get confused with Knights of the old republic

20093643d ago

MMO = spend lots of money
no thanks

TheColbertinator3643d ago

Then why are you commenting on it?

20093643d ago

what is the release date?

20093643d ago

well i am gonna guess its not coming in 09 lol

20093643d ago

will any of the "famous" characters be playable?

TornRaptor3643d ago

No, like all mmo's you play as a simple pleb.
Take SWG for example you don't play as Han Solo, but you do encounter him doing missions.
Or WoW you don't play as Thrall but you sure can see him if you are in the right place.
I'm hoping this will be a great game, and i have trust in Bioware that they can pull it off, i don't care if it has 10 million subs like WoW, just please make it a good game and subs will come.

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