Warhound Details

Move over Crysis, you're no longer the big dog in the yard of highly-awaited, visually stunning, next-generation Direct X 10 games. If you managed to stomach that fact down, you'll be pleasantly surprised to know that Warhound is the recently announced, graphically amazing title scheduled to appear on PC and Xbox 360.

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FeralPhoenix4320d ago

Yes, 360 is getting an abundance of great shooters, but I'm most interested in this game because it says that they will utilize DirectX 10, if these dev's do get it right I definitely think it will up the ante...and being the graphics whore that Iam you can bet I'll have my eye on this one.

BoneMagnus4320d ago

this game can use DirectX 10 on the 360, but Crysis can't?

I've never understood this whole issue. All I know is that valve managed to squeeze HL2 into the XBOX - and it was pretty decent. Sure the graphics weren't near PC quality, but us XBOX owners got to play a great game all the same.

As a console gamer, I don't expect the graphics to match a top end PC.
Crysis could be made for the 360/PS3, and I wish the developers would get over their obsession with making "the best looking game ever" as if having a less visually appealing (but still very sharp)version on the consoles would somehow tarnish the franchise.

candystop4320d ago

This just goes to show that we have not even begun to see what the 360 can truly do from a visual standpoint! I can't wait to see this game in motion and hope they just go ahead and announce Crysis which i'm sure is achievable on 360 just like this game and Alan Wake!

DC RID3R4320d ago

like to dismiss the 360's DX10 like architecture, I suggest they bite their tongues!

There's NO way ms would release it's console knowing that DX10 would be just around the corner, and NOT implement it in some way (unlike sony's last-gen open GL tech on the PS3)

As we can ALL see, DX10 is taking OVER the pc tech, the fact that it's also in the 360, is news you just GOTTA love!
ANYONE who disagree's for WHATEVER reason is a PU55Y


JasonPC360PS3Wii4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

I like these jungle shooters there getting better. I own the 360 because its so PC like with its shooters, I like other games but FPS is at top.