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Submitted by Speed-Racer 2598d ago | article

There's Gran Turismo 5, Any Other Good 2009 Racing Games?

Gran Turismo 5 is expected to be one of the best racing titles of 2009. Judging by the standards of GT5: Prologue, the combination of graphics and realistic handling, makes it one of the best titles out there. However, what other games can we expect to be of good quality in 2009. (Burnout Paradise, F1 2009, Ferrari Project, Gran Turismo 5, PC, PS3, RACE Pro, Xbox 360)

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sonarus  +   2598d ago
Assuming GT5 comes out next yr i expect it to be the best and most complete racing game ever made. That being said those are just my expectations it doesn't necessarily make it true

They have a very solid engine in GT5 if they add all the things they promised to add and they fix the online mode then i really don't see any other racer standing a chance. Be it via reviews or by sales.
phosphor112  +   2598d ago
In an interview with some racing magazine
The GT guy (you know who im talking about) said it will more than likely be 2010 that it comes out. I saw the article on n4g earlier this week i think.
Montrealien  +   2598d ago
GT1, amazing!

1 year later,

GT2, more Amazing!

2 years later

GT3, great Graphics, and always amazing, but less cars!

2 years later

GT4, great feel, amazing, more more more!

5 years later and counting....

GT5, where the f*ck are you ?!?
xlg  +   2597d ago
To #1 Post
>>> (sonarus) 1 - They have a very solid engine in GT5 if they add all the things they promised to add and they fix the online mode then i really don't see any other racer standing a chance. <<<

What about FORZA3 or you mean in the year 2009 only?
Forza3 developers are not wasting time and they are not joking around.
INehalemEXI  +   2597d ago
Im getting good mileage out of GT5P full version will be nice when it comes along.
cherrypie  +   2597d ago
"What about FORZA3 or you mean in the year 2009 only?
Forza3 developers are not wasting time and they are not joking around. "

This entire forum has turned into a anti-Forza troll.

"any other Good racing games"?

No one in their right mind -- who isnt kidding themselves -- damn well know that Forza 3 is going to be fantastic. GT5 is going to have a serious run for it's money.

Foraz 2 showed how racing games should be built, Forza 3 is going to blow us away. Mark. My. Words.
INehalemEXI  +   2597d ago
Forza 2 was more customizable arcade racer then driving sim racer I would put GRID and Forza in the same league and thats not a bad thing its just different. GT5 is still the driving simulator and driving sims should not handle like Forza 2.
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XGRaViSmOrSX  +   2597d ago
@ 1.5
the only reason i doubt that forza 3 will give GT5 a run for its money is simply because the team making forza doesnt put the same attention to detail that polyphony does.

in forza 2 look at the honda civic hatchback. its listed as an SiR yet the back on the back is VTi. and the civic del sol has a 97+ front bumper but the 97+ bumper didnt have foglights.

its little stupid things like that, that polyphony wouldnt miss. i know its small and trivial but when you see some of your favorite cars represented incorrectly and especially on something so basic as that, its like why...?

also the customizing w/ bodykits was a bit trivial w/ forza seeing as how they usually had 1 maybe 2 high end kits worthy of putting on the car. the rest were wings west or other gaudy kit that killed the lines of the car and made them look horrible, not to mention the forza designed kits. and compare that to the GT designed kits/cars in GT5:P. much more polished and thought out.

i hope they spend more time on forza3 instead of just improving slightly but not enough in everything like they did w/ forza2 which for the most part was just a graphical upgrade.
Forbidden_Darkness  +   2598d ago
Dirt 2 comes out next year, might be fun? Also Fuel looks kewl. But GT5 will be the best racer of 2009 if it comes out.
yanikins111  +   2598d ago
codemasters have lost it. WTF happened to the team that brought us Toca And collin Mcrae rally? (the first ones)

and ill continue asking, WTF was with grid? That game ate the bollocks something fierce. After playing that, I doubt ill ever buy another codemasters game.

<shakes head>
Sarcasm  +   2598d ago
GRID left a sour taste in my mouth with it's road racing.

But man oh man I have that game PURELY for the drift portion. Quite possibly the closest to real life drifting excitement I've ever played. Of course it's not realistic, but it definitely captures that "holy sh*t" of d1 drifting.
ZootHornRollo  +   2598d ago
you've never played a real drifting game then.


then talk
Sarcasm  +   2598d ago
I've played and HAVE both on the PS2, so what's your point?
prowiew  +   2597d ago
Of that list Dirt 2 is my game.
slak  +   2597d ago
Forza 3 in 2009
Nathan Drake  +   2598d ago
GT5 will be aweeeeeesome
MURKERR  +   2598d ago
^^yup. and if its relased in 2009 judging by the hunger
for the prologue, gt5 could be the best racing game ever created,i have high high hopes for gt5
fishd  +   2598d ago
Give me Nurburgring,and I'll ba a happy gamer,until then I am sad
Sarcasm  +   2598d ago
Nurburgring WILL come to GT5P before GT5!

You heard it here first!
Faztkiller  +   2598d ago
Race pro maybe
Sarcasm  +   2598d ago
Forza 2 looks better than race pro IMO
power of Green  +   2598d ago
Dam looking at the way this was posted before you read the post, it looked like the poster thought FC was coming out for PS3 too. lol

Folks tried to paint the PlayStation brand as GOD too many generations now lol.
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Sarcasm  +   2598d ago
And folks don't have to paint MS as douches. They do it themselves with leaders like Aaron Greenburg and Don Mattrick.
caladbolg777  +   2597d ago
Oh no he dih-int.
InMyOpinion  +   2598d ago
If so they aren't announced yet. It's still 2008 you know...
C_SoL  +   2598d ago
Very true....
I don't know why people are claiming its coming out next year.

At the same time I really hope it comes out next year.
flyingbanana  +   2598d ago
I think Forza 3 could be quite good competitor, although it is in different console.. Turn10 just should put pressure on MS that they would release xbox360 driver for Logitech wheels.
power of Green  +   2598d ago
&quot;There's Gran Turismo 5&quot; as if it's the Pinnacle
Is there a diference when it comes to the other GT's that launched for PS3 in the past?

"It’s been a while since we heard about Ferrari Project since 10Tacle and Blimey Games! had their little separation issues (due to 10Tacle going bankrupt). Anyway, Dom_D of RaceSimCentral was able to get an insider’s perspective on the game’s development when he was given the chance to try out the game on the Xbox 360. His thoughts about the game:

“Hi all, I went to Blimey yesterday and met Ian , nice guy and free drinks! Ian made me sign an NDA so I can’t go into any details… but I tried the Ferrari game, all i can say is Holy moly, the gfx are better than Gran turismo, the lighting was spot on, the real time reflections on the car were amazing, the general effects are just a new level. I only drove it on an Xbox 360 pad but it felt really natural, the physics engine has been re-done it seems from scratch, they have a great physics team of 3 guys including Eero from RBR fame! I think the main thing i noticed was the atmosphere, the ambient sounds and graphic effects really make you feel like you are on track, the amount of movement and ‘life’ all around is quite breathtaking.

Anyway, I was quite shocked how much better this looked than most other titles, nothing on the PC comes close.”

Dom_D has brought very accurate news in the past and hearing these comments is very exciting. Also I would not doubt him, considering the four untouched photos released in June."

Don't mind the avatar pic I use, it was the only pic I could find that was on my old PC's HDD. lol
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Sarcasm  +   2598d ago
(Goes into 360 fanboy mode)

bu bu but GT5 Will have more sales than a no name ferrari racing game! Because sales matter over quality!

(comes back into reality)
CViper  +   2598d ago
Pog Suffers from &quot;BUH BUH&quot; itus... its when a 360 fan realizes he cant play a PS3 game he wants..
He either latches on to the hope that M$ will buy the rights to it, or he goes to the woodpile and finds some game to claim will be better than the PS3 exclusive, which he ultimately wont even buy.

Side effects are loss of bubbles.
PirateThom  +   2598d ago
"Anyway, I was quite shocked how much better this looked than most other titles, nothing on the PC comes close."

If you actually believe that, you're gullible as all hell.

The most graphically advanced racer on the 360 is RACE Pro and it doesn't come close to GT5P, in fact, if you even want to compare screenshots (not the bullshots that have been passed around for RACE Pro), you'll see the game doesn't come close.
yanikins111  +   2598d ago

Followed your links. Sorry man. Not even close. GT5P looks better and was running by the time those were even taken.

GT5P in action gets compared to real footage, and its hard to tell the difference. This looks good, but different league.
MNicholas  +   2597d ago
Not even in the same class as GT5
They only provided one in-game shot (identified by HUD) and it looks like crap so let's look at the replay:

Native Resolution: 900x506 (0.46 Million pixels/frame)
Number of cars/race: 8
Frame-rate: unknown

Compare with this similar replay shot from GT5 Prologue:

Native Resolution: 1280x1080 (1.38M Pixels/frame)
Number of cars/race: 16
Frame-rate: 60fps in-game, 30fps replay

Polygons: As you can see, GT5 has smoother and more rounded shapes (fewer visible polygon edges)

Textures: This is another area where GT5 has a clear advantage.

Lighting: While many of the surfaces on the "Ferrari Project" shot are flat, with everything looking a bit plasticky, the GT5 interior looks like it's made from a wide range of materials. Beautiful.

Cars: GT5 is running twice as many cars per race

Frame-rate: While no one knows at what frame-rate the Ferrari project runs GT5 Prologue runs at a full 60fps. Considering shader heavy racing games on 360 like Grid and PGR4 run at only 30fps, I wouldn't be surprised if the Ferrari Project also runs at only 30fps.
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yanikins111  +   2597d ago
<giggles at the glorified hexagon of a steering wheel>
hotrider12  +   2598d ago
this should be excellent. dont think any other racing simulator will come close to this
TheMART  +   2598d ago
As Forza 3 is in the works already for some time, I expect Microsoft to put out the game just before or around GT5's release.

In Forza 2 they already were lightyears ahead in damage modelling and overal stuff compared to GT. Its 1.5 years later then Forza 2 released and GT5p still hasn't integrated any damage modelling. Also the choice in cars, and the personal paint shops even for online use in Forza 2, thats 1.5 years ago. So in a year it'll be 2.5 years ago that Forza 2 released, with the new knowledge how to program the 360, Forza 3 will again improve with big steps and will be a very, very hard competitor compared to GT5 the real non demo version.


Forza 1 won from GT4:

Forza 1: 9.2 out of 10

GT4: 8.9 out of 10

GT5p: 8.0 out of 10
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2598d ago
It's all true, to bad you have cowards that click and run.
PirateThom  +   2598d ago
Forza 2 - 9.0 on metacritic.

However, if you really want to start getting technical.

Gran Turismo 4 Prologue got 70 on Metacritc, the full game got a full 19 marks higher with 89.

Gran Tursimo 5 Prologue is sitting on 80 on metacritic, do you really think the review scores will go down for the full game?

Not to mention, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue outsold the other Prologue/Concept editions.
Oner  +   2598d ago
Here is another poor example of somehow Metacritic meaning/being the be all end all when it comes to what is "teh bestorz"...then why don't they include ALL review sites scores & not just ones they want to pick and choose? Or how Meta is tied to Microsoft because of the $500 Million Viacom deal that is set for the next 5 years


And for those who won't admit it Viacom is the parent company of such sites as Metacritic, MTV, Gamespot and CNET (all sites of which continue 100% confirmed misinformation and bias). PLUS I find it funny how in the past when (MS)NBC would slam Sony & the PS3 it was a "good trusted" media site but when they talk about RROD it's a "fanboy blog"

You people will never be taken seriously. All that you post is misinformation, bias, lies & it has been proven/confirmed OVER & OVER.
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Brixxer600  +   2597d ago
I couldn't care about Metacritic etc.

I do think that Forza is better than Gran Turismo though. I really wish that they'd take the best ideas from Forza (Auction House, customisation and Paint shop)and add them to GT, i find the racing gets boring and would spend hours just painting different designs and selling them, it was also excellent as far as building a community, the forums were full of people showing off their designs, some "artists" were virtually geniuses and it made a good site on replays etc, instead of just a bunch of people racing the same car.

I love my PS3 and know that having a go at GT is almost seen as "Treason" by some fans but i honestly think the game needs more than just a graphical update, the opposition Ai is notoriously pathetic and for a game that is widely acclaimed as the best simulation, why can you still use the crash barriers to get round bends ?, fair enough your lap time may get penalised but you can still keep your position on the track. I don't think that Forza does it right as far as damage goes though , it is good to have damage but let's face it if you crash at 100mph you're gong to come off a lot worse than having some smashed windows and losing out on top speed.
dukadork  +   2597d ago
did you actually play the games?

no way.

cuz if you did, you'd ROFL @ your sorry asses like i'm doing right now.

GT5P: a downloadable game obliterates forza23 cuz even w/o damage and just a few tracks and cars, it's light years ahead on the driving model and the graphics.

you guys are funny, lol
Avto  +   2598d ago
GT will be great I'm sure of it, but if you're like me that is to say a big F1 fan you are looking forward for the new F1 game I hope it will be a proper racing game and not something silly like GRID.
Rs  +   2598d ago
There’s Gran Turismo 5, Any Other Good 2009 Racing Games?
Other then Gran Turismo 5, do we still need anymore of those half-ass racing games in 2009? NO! Those racing games should be perish comparing to the jaw-dropping kickass GT5!
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xg-ei8ht  +   2598d ago
To me this is the way it should be done.

GT5p - Incar view is the best i've seen, feels correct etc.

GRID - Best third Person view. And feels like a racer.

But for GT5 to appeal to the bigger market, they should make the arcade section more like grid, and keep the sim for the true racers.

Damage is a must.

Off topic, Motorstorm 2 is awesome.

I made a vid.


If you love racing, whatever type it is, you'll love all the below.

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Jager  +   2598d ago
i wasnt really into Racing games much, just JRPGs, RPGs, and FPS / TPS... i got GT5P on xmas tho, and im hooked on it lmao... gonna grab MS2 sometime today hopefully..
user858621  +   2598d ago
ohhh noo but to the bots sales is everything so heres a recap :)

forza 1 = 1.1m
gt4 = 9.5m
power of Green  +   2598d ago
GT is years old what is your point? lol
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2598d ago
Thanks waseem335 seems...
Forza is another 360 game that outsold LBP, Resistance 2 and the latest SOCOM.

You pwned yourself, like a used car you came pre-pwned.
TheMART  +   2598d ago
oohhh no... PS3 fantards seem to forget that:

PS2 100 to 120 mln. installed base

XBOX 1 - 25 mln. installed base

Plus: GT has been around since part 1. So it had build up a steady userbase.

Now on the other hand go compare:

Gears of War 1 sold 5 mln. copies back in 2006 when there were about 8 to 10 mln. 360's sold

Halo 3 sold 8 mln. copies back in 2007 when there were about 15 mln. 360's sold


MGS4 sold 3 mln. copies this summer when there were what, 13 mln. PS3's sold.

LBP sold 1 mln. copies (best & highest scoring exclusive on the PS3 with 9.5 out of 10, about every PS3 owner should buy this game) just about now, when there are 17 mln. PS3's sold.

San anto  +   2598d ago
holy shiit wdf jason POG and the mart on one comment jesus the bots are truly bawwing in full force.
Oner  +   2598d ago
Isn't it funny how "certain types" love to throw out numbers but when you do the same it somehow doesn't matter or isn't the same? They just don't want to beleive the truth, and since in their eyes it doesn't matter it can't be true!

Whatever. Bunch of immature, biased & close minded idiots...That's what's REALLY sad.
#15.5 (Edited 2598d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
NegativeCreep427  +   2597d ago
Now these idiots like POG, Jason, and The Mart are using the excuse...
That Gran Turismo is older and had a bigger installed base than what Forza had:

PS2 100 to 120 mln. installed base

XBOX 1 - 25 mln. installed base

forza 1 = 1.1m
gt4 = 9.5m

They are b!tching and complaining above ^^^ that isn't a fair comparison, Yet you 360 phanboys refuse to use this kind of logic when it comes to all of you talking crap about the PS3 and its lower software and hardware sales numbers than the xbox 360.

The xbox 360 had a full 12-month head start on the PS3 and has a somewhat higher installed base than the PS3, yet you xbot butt-buddies refuse to recognize that when you are all running your mouths with how "bad" the ps3's sales are compared to the xbox 360.

LOL!!!!! My god how hypocritical you MS phanboys can be!!!
#15.6 (Edited 2597d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Oner  +   2597d ago
@ NegativeCreep ~

"They are b!tching and complaining above ^^^ that isn't a fair comparison, Yet you 360 phanboys refuse to use this kind of logic when it comes to all of you talking crap about the PS3 and its lower software and hardware sales numbers than the xbox 360.

The xbox 360 had a full 12-month head start on the PS3 and has a somewhat higher installed base than the PS3, yet you xbot butt-buddies refuse to recognize that when you are all running your mouths with how "bad" the ps3's sales are compared to the xbox 360.

LOL!!!!! My god how hypocritical you MS phanboys can be!!!"

Wow. You called it exactly. I am surprised I didn't even notice that. Seriously - that is without a doubt the most astute description of how "certain types" try to portray things with the way they act and how when the shoe is on the other foot it doesn't apply to them...great post. +1 & Bubbles.
remanutd55  +   2598d ago
well i really hope gt5 comes out in 09 if Mr kazunori decides the game isnt perfect for a 09 released sony better give me my God of war3 in 09 instead , boy did you guys check the SEMA awards , wow that japanese guy got really lucky , he will have his car in the most respected racing franchise ever created , damn lucky bastard lol, does any1 know how many ferrari cars will be in gt5?
Jager  +   2598d ago
n GT5P theres like... 5-7 Ferrari cars to buy... so ill bet that GT5 will have something like 7-15... maybe more.
remanutd55  +   2598d ago
whats up with the disagree ???? what did i say????
Daz  +   2598d ago
hope thers more then gt5 becuase i dont want to play just 1 racing game.

dirt 2
grid 2
forza 3
pgr 5 (someone else might be macking it) i like them all
Revvin  +   2598d ago
Blimey's Ferrari game graphics look more cartoony than GT5, I've been keeping an eye on it for a while. It looks ok but if I still had a 360 I'd be more excited by RACE Pro. Its got a far better pedigree behind it as I've got all the GTR and RACE games on PC. People wondered if Simbin could go on when they split after the GTR series but they went on and created RACE on the PC and it was a really good simulator. Unfortunately now its been surpassed by iRacing on the PC format but if you want a decent racer with good physics on the 360 then I think you're in for a treat with RACE Pro.
The Judderman  +   2598d ago
I thought the graphics are GTP were great but still think overall Forza2 is the better game.
Forza3 will no doubt add even more. GT5 is going to have to do something special or get left behind.
Agent Orange  +   2598d ago
Oh oh looks like someone is jealous again because GT5 will not come out in a certain console that they own, nice
FordGTGuy  +   2598d ago
Forza Motorsport 3
If they keep with the time frame they used for 2 and 1 it will be out May 2009.
2 cents  +   2598d ago
If they want Forza3 to even come close to GT5 then 2 years of work is just not enough. Forza2 was lacking quite as few important elements and i expect Forza3 to be much much better than F2. I also expect GT5 to have weather variations, damage and solid online if not it will not be a complete next gen race sim. Forza3 needs weather variations, c0ckpitt view, open wheel race class, better pits animations and much better gfx.
FordGTGuy  +   2597d ago
@2 cents
Forza Motorsport is a simulation game not a flashy look at me I look great game. Forza Motorsport uses its gameplay and customization to sway gamers while GT uses graphics and abundance of cars to sway gamers. Either way both will be good games and underrating either would be foolish. Forza 2 had a lack of cars and tracks because they had to redo every ingame model to work on a High Definition platform. They also spent alot of their time creating a very advance physics and AI system.
GIJeff  +   2597d ago
GT is 10 times the sim forza is, even if you compare GT4 to forza 2, the physics in GT are the best around.
TIKUP  +   2598d ago
GT5 FTW! :)
tatotiburon  +   2598d ago
i hope microsoft give us the surprise and release Forza 3 next year
Spike47  +   2598d ago
What about Project Gotham racing?
I liked the style of that game, I mean it was nice.
PirateThom  +   2598d ago
Microsoft allowed Bizarre Creations get bought over by Activision and haven't found a new dev for it.

A sequel will happen eventually.
maverick1191  +   2598d ago
why do you whine about sales our 3fixme game beat your in sales fringin whoop whoop sales thats why its better NO it doesn't gears only sells well because thats the only good game you can buy on xbox lol i hope Killzone 2 sells well but it probs wont but it still kicks all of your crappy 3fixme games out of the water and you know it

we all know the odd xbot will pick up a ps3 and get the game but wont admit they bought the console

TheMART at Xboxkings

why do you care about review scores its down to personal preference everyone doesn't care about reviews anymore so basically you buy games on a review score wow lol
#26 (Edited 2598d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Jager  +   2598d ago
Hope GT5 will let you buy parts for cars... like Wheels, engine parts & what not so you can customize your car alot...
SSJSubgeta  +   2597d ago
Have you played other GT games?
You can buy a lot of after market parts and such.
ultimolu  +   2598d ago

Just give me GT5 and I will be happy. :]
Hockey11  +   2598d ago
#29 (Edited 2598d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
y0haN  +   2598d ago
Forza is fun but I think Gotham and GT are more fun, call me strange if you want! Also, I hope MS allows you to install one of the discs of Forza 3 so you only need to mess with one disc ever.
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