Neocrisis: New Operation Flashpoint 2 Screens

Neocrisis: 10 new screens from famitsu.

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MUGEN3637d ago

They've been showing these target renders or concept art pics since it was announced. Codemasters is doing it with their other title DIRT 2 too.

Richdad3637d ago

Could be concept art, if this is ingame its still doesnt beats Killzone 2 but in graphics, but is just behind by a margin.

Marcello3637d ago

These ARE target renders over at the codemasters forum they said they were, same story with Dirt 2. They had said they had told the websites and magazines they were renders but they keep forgetting to mention this in the articles.

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20093637d ago

at least the screens look AWESOME

Faztkiller3637d ago

aint this going to be a very realistic sim shooter

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